10 Internet Security Tips & Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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The more the internet advances, the more information is available to us. Because of this, during the year of 2020 many people found out that the more the internet expands, the less they have their privacy. Solely for that reason, we have to secure our internet privacy in the years to come.

In this article, we are sharing some internet security tips for 2021 to help you protect your privacy while online and have control over the digital footprint you are leaving. On the other hand, with many cybercriminals lurking the space of the internet, online security has never been more critical.

Why is internet security important?

Internet security is one of the essential things in our day and age, mostly because we rely on the internet daily. The internet has a lot to provide to the user, allowing him to browse the open web for any content or information they want. However, what is the biggest issue that can damage our internet security? Well, depends on time, there are many different ways in which one can become a victim of cybercrime and malicious intent. For instance, some of the most common issues to our internet security are:

  • Malware – A malicious software which comes in different forms, such as computer viruses, Trojans, worms and dishonest spyware
  • Spam: Spamming is usually not a significant threat. It is a form of emails sent to the user, which might contain a link to a virus or malware.
  • Hackers use phishing scams – These types of scams to try and expose any private information of the user, making the user vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 
  • Surveillance: Surveillance is something that comes from public institutions and companies such as the government or the ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is used to track the internet activity of the user and allows these institutions to have control over it.

Of course, as we are going to talk about internet security tips for 2021, one must know what kind of dangers lurk on the open internet. Internet security is a way for the user to remain protected and anonymous online without having to fear being exposed. By implementing specific tips and tricks, one can stay safe online and enjoy the advantages of the internet daily.

10 Internet security tips for 2021

In 2021, we must be aware of all the dangers that lurk on the internet and find a way to protect ourselves. Being online has a lot of different advantages, and one should not have to sacrifice their freedom to enjoy such benefits. So, without further ado, here are some internet security tips for 2021, which you can implement to remain safe while online.

  1. Be wary of what you click – Clicking on random things online is never a good idea. Firstly, because these links or buttons are usually filled with malware and can easily damage your privacy and device before you click on a link online, be sure to inspect it. Being reckless is the easiest way to become a victim of cybercriminals.
  2. Two-factor authentication is essential – Having a two-factor authentication will add an extra layer of protection. Having a strong password is necessary; however, just in case, you should have additional safety measures to ensure your accounts will not be hacked.
  3. Phishing scams are a real threat – Phishing scams are prevalent in today’s climate. Make sure you do not become a victim of one. Phishing scams are usually in the form of a spam email which contains malware or other malicious programs which can drain private information out of your device. There are over 3 billion fake emails sent daily to many internet users.
  4. Update your software – Once the software is out of date, it becomes vulnerable. This is because the system needs an update to recognize malicious activity on your device. Make sure all of your tools are up-to-date to avoid any unwanted situations.
  5. Use unique passwords – Having unique passwords on different websites is the best way to minimize the damage in case something happens. Namely, if someone gets ahold of your password, it is the first thing they will try for your other accounts. So, make sure you use different passwords for different websites.
  6. Clear your cache memory – Cache memory saves cookies, searches and web history on your device. That means that your passwords and usernames are saved into your browser. If anyone tries to hack your accounts or device, they can easily access all the information they need to go further with this intent.
  7. Do not use the option to save the password – Saving a password for a website seems quite useful for anyone who often visits the website. However, these passwords and information are saved via cookies in your browser. These cookies collect the data of the user, remembering all the passwords, websites one visited and other internet activity.
  8. Keep your social media profiles private – The most straightforward way one can become a victim of cybercrime is to have all of their personal information exposed to their social media. Skilled hackers and scammers can use this information to gain access to other accounts and find out more information about the user than they should.
  9. Use a VPN – Virtual Private Network or VPN is an internet tool that allows users to hide their real IP address and their internet activity. With high-encryption protocols, it ensures that the internet traffic sent from the user device cannot be breached. Moreover, the VPN allows you to remain anonymous online.
  10. Do not think this cannot happen to you – Unfortunately, many people believe they are immune to these kinds of situations. However, being unaware of what is happening makes one the easiest target for the next attack. Protect your devices, do not click naively on every link and read something before you click “Yes” or “I allow”.

Yes, the internet has given people an extensive range of options to have while online. However, with this many internet users daily there must be some rotten apples. Because of this, know what websites ask of you, keep your private information private or out of the internet and use software designed to protect you while you are online. Following these internet security tips for 2021, you will be ready for the next year, without being exposed to cybercrime.


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