Impact of Residential Proxies on Gaming

Impact of Residential Proxies on Gaming

The gaming industry was valued at about $242 billion last year. This market is expected to grow by over 100% within 2030. As the gaming industry is thriving, gamers worldwide are facing new challenges, such as geo-restrictions, IP bans, and more. Fortunately, using residential proxies can solve most of these problems.

This guide is all about the transformative impact of residential proxies on gaming. Learn how residential proxies enhance the online gaming experience by addressing multiple challenges gamers face nowadays. You will also get to know the best proxy providers and be able to pick the right proxy for gaming. Let’s begin.

Definition of Residential Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxies are associated with devices that are used in a residential setting. These proxies are nothing but the IP address of other people’s devices. When you acquire residential proxies, your IP address is masked with their IP addresses.

It makes the server think that the connection request is originating from their location, not yours. See how simple residential proxies are? But they have immense benefits, especially for gamers. Let us explain some of the benefits in detail.

How Residential Proxies Impact Gaming?

Residential proxies impact multiple aspects of gaming. Take a look at the most common impacts below.

Residential Proxies Ensure Access to Geo-Restricted Gaming Content

As a gamer, you might have faced situations where you can’t access game content from your location because the game is restricted in your country. Let’s take PUBG for example. This game is banned in China. So, anyone living in China can’t access this game using their original IP address.

When you use residential proxies, your location will appear to be somewhere else. So, the game server thinks that you are trying to access the game from an allowed location and will grant you access. Not just for this game, you can access any geo-restricted gaming content using residential proxies.

You Can Circumvent IP Bans by Using Residential Proxies

Most game companies want to ensure a fair play policy around their platforms. So, they introduce a bunch of regulations and deploy AI-powered systems to identify violations. If you have mistakenly violated any regulations, the game administrator can block your IP address. Sometimes, automated systems can mistakenly block some users based on the reports of other users.

In that case, you won’t be able to access the game from that IP address ever again. What you need is good residential proxies to circumvent such bans. Residential proxies will change your physical location and IP address, so the game server won’t be able to detect you.

Residential Proxies Can Reduce Lag in Online Games

Most games nowadays are online games where gamers can play with their friends or even strangers. Just like other connection requests, online gaming also requires the data packets to reach the game server and the response to the associated device. As game servers have limited locations, a gamer sitting far away from a game server can face lag as the data transfer time will be higher.

This is a major drawback in online gaming, especially in competitive environments. Residential proxies can solve this problem by lowering the distance between the player and the game server. You can pick a residential proxy in a location close to the game server. With such proxies, the lag will be reduced to a great extent and players can enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Residential Proxies Are Far More Secure Than Other Proxies

Consider using datacenter proxies to access your favorite game once your IP address has been banned. As these proxies originate in datacenters and aren’t tied to real devices, they have a higher chance of getting caught by servers. Once servers identify these IP addresses as proxies, they will immediately ban those IP addresses as well. So, there is no point in using such proxies.

Residential proxies are tied with real devices, so servers don’t usually suspect residential proxies. As the chance of getting caught is very low, residential proxies are more secure for gaming.

You Can Improve Your Anonymity

Besides accessing a lot of game features, you might also want to remain anonymous in your gaming world. If your gaming identity is revealed, you can face issues like harassment, stream sniping, etc. Many gamers prefer residential proxies to avoid such situations. Residential proxies let you hide your identity better than other proxies.


Even though residential proxies are beneficial for gaming, they have some challenges too. For one, residential proxies are more expensive than datacenter proxies. So, you must consider some crucial factors, such as stability, connection speed, price, etc., before choosing a proxy provider.

We recommend comparing the best proxy providers out there and picking one that matches all your needs. Get your residential proxy today and enjoy lag-free gaming from anywhere.

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