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How to Write an Investment Banking Resume?

How to Write an Investment Banking Resume
How to Write an Investment Banking Resume

Investment banking is a financial institution that works for grand companies and communities. Investment banking specialists deal with all the procedures and documents. They are necessary to attract capital for them and contact large corporations.

To apply to an investment banking specialist position, it is necessary to create a quality resume. The resume should be written in a unique style and correspond to the industry. A quality resume will allow you to move to this position and get a better salary. In this article, we will look at how to write a vivid resume for investment banking:

The Main Points to Consider When Writing an Investment Banking Resume

Before you start working on your resume, you should consider some main points:

  1. Do not write a resume that is too long

Resumes that take more than one page do not attract your employer’s attention. They only take time and include irrelevant information. So, remember to place all the primary information about yourself on no more than one page.

  1. Focus on your academic studies

When you want to work in investment banking, you should be an expert in this field. It is essential to have an academic certificate or course certificate. It is great if you have an economics, accounting, or banking degree.

  1. Present your experience

Apart from your academic studies, you should place information on your experience. It is one of the most important sections for your employer. Your experience will let them know that you really understand your area. In your resume, state which companies you have worked with and for how many years.

  1. Describe your achievements

Working in investment banking is not enough to get the necessary experience. In your resume, show that you have achievements corresponding to your position. Include information on how long you worked in the organization—state what you have learned from your work. Talk about the positive sides of your previous position and how you improved your skills there.

  1. Use a resume checker to be sure you have written it correctly

In a resume checker, you can evaluate your resume quality. You will get an assessment and a mark. You will also be able to correct your mistakes in the resume.

What to Include in an Investment Banking Resume

When you are writing an investment banking resume, the structure is important. It is necessary to include all the required sections. This will allow the employer to consider your application properly. So, what are the main sections to present in your resume?

  1. Your name

The first thing you should present in your resume is your name. It is better to present it in big, bold letters at the center of the paper. You can also add information on your address, country, and city. It is vital to present your contact information. This is necessary for the employer to contact you if you are accepted to the position. So, enter your phone number and email.

  1. Education

Education is your first step in learning the investment banking career. It is crucial to inform your employer about where you have studied. It is crucial to present only the educational places relevant to the job you want to get.

  1. Experience

The second important point is your working experience. Remember that this section shows only the relevant experience. It can be your work in financial or banking companies. You should also state how much time you’ve worked there and what you gained from your employment.

  1. Extra experience

A good option is to create a separate section in your resume for extra job experience. This is where you can state which other areas you are good in. This information can be important for your future duties in the company. In some cases, it can also mean that your salary will rise.

  1. Additional information

This is a section where you can state which extra certificates you have. You may have taken some banking courses that are important for the position. You can also talk about your hobbies and which facts the employer needs to know about you.

The Most Important Points When Writing an Investment Banking Resume

How can you make your resume look professional? First, you should check the spelling properly. If you are unsure about grammar and punctuation, use a spellcheck program. One of the best programs to check your grammar is Grammarly. It also allows you to check the resume for plagiarism or complicated sentences. You can also ask your friend or family to look through the resume before sending it.

You should not use unusual, complicated fonts in your resume. If you are not a marketer or designer, use simple fonts like Times New Roman. Margins are also crucial for the overall readability of the resume. Another formatting tip is to use the same spacing for all the text. The best option for an English resume is double spacing and 1-inch margins from all sides.

What is more, it would be better if you present your portfolio. This means you should present the cases you worked on and what you achieved. In a cover letter of your resume, talk about your advantages and weaknesses. You should present yourself on a positive side. Try to talk about why you are a valuable person for the company. You can also mention some extra activities you are engaged in. They will allow the employer to see what person you are.


In conclusion, writing a resume is crucial when you want to take a high position. In investment banking, you should prove to the employer that you have financial knowledge. A good resume includes information on your education, experience, and contact data. A cover letter is a crucial addition to your resume. It shows your motivation for work in the company and your professional advantages.

When you are writing an investment banking resume, try to be specific. In addition, it is essential to consider correct formatting and check the resume for spelling. So, you will be sure that you will stand out among other candidates for the position.

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