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5 Amazing Ways to Save Money With a VPN

5 Amazing Ways to Save Money With a VPN

Every Internet user is aware of the fact that a Virtual Private Network i.e. VPN is the best option to move for in case of online privacy protection. A VPN helps end-user in the form of its store data and the ability to keep online activities at a safer side. But are you aware that you can now use VPN to save money on your favorite and designated activities (literally)?   

This article is a compilation of the most fun and amazing ways in which you can take advantage of your VPN service to save money or shop extra in the same budget. This trick works best if you’re a shopaholic, loves to travel or read or a movie buff. 

If you keep up with marketing trends and business, many online retailers set the price of their products based on the browsing history and location of the user. In order to grab more, they design and structure their deals as per the needs and latest search to offer an extra kick for the purchase. Luring the deal by adding artificial ratings to the most recent searches. This scenario also means that sometimes, the user tends to pay more than he ought to look out for because the location is set on a higher income-generating country. Check also for more. 

Our tricks will help in saving money using a VPN. 

Price inequality is definitely not a novel subject. If you are aware of the latest trends of the price distribution, the cost of Netflix subscriptions is the same worldwide but a person from Spain won’t be able to access American content. Also, the price distribution is also based on your profile that you set on the online platform. Just think about this, if you have ever searched for flight tickets, after some time the price for the same flight and of the same route will hike up to a few bucks. This is just an old marketing tact to rush you into the purchase. 

Websites usually track you on the basis of: 

Cookies: Cookies store your browsing information and keep track of it.  Normally, when you search for something, the advertisers use advertising tracking links to snoop on your searches and history. Supercookies are another monster that collects a large amount of information even in case someone deletes it. 

IP Address: This helps in detecting the geolocation of the user and show prices based on that. 

WiFi: Upon allowing, websites can definitely track your location and alter the prices of the product you are searching for. 

Mobile Tracking: If the GPS of your gadget is turned on, it can help retailers and advertisers determine the location and prices. 

How to Save Money With VPN – 5 of the Best Ways

Below given is our selected list where you can use a VPN and save your precious assets. Have a look at these activities where a Virtual Private Network will be a helpful tool to adopt. 

#1 Online shopping

Virtual shopping brings you a wide range of variety from all over the world at the comfort of your home. With the few pros, come the cons of exposing yourself to cybercrime when you make a purchase from a shady website, and sometimes you are also charged as per your location. For example, while subscribing to Apple Music, a user from India pays much lesser than a user from the UK for exactly the same service. Most online retailers are observed using a dynamic model of pricing, that fluctuates the pricing based on the anticipation of how much a customer is willing to pay. 

The whole shenanigans of irregular price distribution can be avoided by an effective VPN service and changing the IP address to secure the lowest service charges. 

#2 Airfares

There are different ways to use VPN to save money on air flights. Changing the location to a lower income country can help you in saving money. When you cook from a country that has lower chances of buying necessities will push airlines to charge a little less for the tickets. 

Also, it will be more cost-effective to book from the country of origin. Some other tips to save money is to remove all the cookies and cache to erase all your browsing history. By deleting your data, you potentially make a way to access affordable rates. Of course, this isn’t always going to yield the results you are hoping, so you may also wish to explore other ways you can save money on your flights. If you fly private more often than not, you may find that signing up to a jet card program will be the best way for you to get the best price for your flights – and if you’re wondering things like “what is a jet card?”, you can find the answers you are looking for online on sites like Jettly.

#3 Netflix Subscription

Netflix is determined to showcase lesser movies and TV series to non-US residents. With that, many VPN services are accessible in the Geo-block areas. Not only Netflix, but other streaming websites like Hulu and Australian sites like Stan also use the same technique to safeguard their content in order to hike revenue. Using an effective free online VPN, one can mask their real location to give false IP location to access more content without spending more. 

#4 Time-restricting content

Using free online VPN, you can access international content; enabling time-restricted content. This step gains access to live sporting events and championships. Depending on your location, you can simply change your location to cut off the middle server in order to access the content. 

#5 Booking hotels and cabs

There are many advantages of VPN, especially in airlines, hotels, and cab as these services work on audience preferences. Rentals and different taxes are all lured depending on the location. Meaning, it can vary on the location. As for example, rental services are popular to grab more from foreign travelers than localities. Someone traveling to New York from Turkey will get the benefit of switching their VPN service to the fake location to make it look more local. This helps in saving literally hundreds of dollars on hotel fares and car rentals. 

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