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Win32:bogent | What is win32:bogent Virus & How to Remove It


Win32:Bogent is a file that is often wrongly identified by the third-party antivirus application as a virus. This false detection of Win32:Bogent as a virus creates confusion for the Windows users to either consider it a virus or ignore the threat notification from the third party antivirus application?

Most antivirus applications generate a warning sign if an unusual activity happens on a specific file. The bad aspect of Win32:Bogent is that it generates an error message even if you are in between something entirely legitimate. When you are playing a game like steam, these alerts can appear from the antivirus on your system.

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So, in reality, what is Win32:Bogent? It is a window tool based on the heuristic algorithm and contains files from the host system. You can check if the Win32:Bogent detects a file that is not accurate (false positive) by using third party antivirus apps. Here, you have to keep in mind the built-in Windows Firewall or defender application may not be able to detect it properly.

What is the False Positive of Win32:Bogent and How it is a threat to your system security?

It is pretty simple; if you are opening a suspicious file and the error message pops up, this is a serious message from your system installed antivirus application. If you are using Stem of another game and this error appears, then it means that the error is a false positive. In the case of win32:bogent steam, you are most likely on the safe side, and the error is falsy identified by the system.

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In case of win32:bogent[susp] error and warning message, you need to take appropriate actions immediately.

An antivirus identifies the Win32:Bogent Susp error like avast, then you have to do appropriate actions to remove the error from the infected files on the host system. You can use a solid anti virus application to remove viruses from the infected files of your host system.

How to Stop win32:bogent False Positive

If you are playing Stem and gets the error and you have avast installed, then it means that you have to change to an alternate antivirus. You can exclude steam from avast errors or allow steam through avast as a legitimate application. In the case of Stem false positive, it is confirmed by the avast representatives that this false positive is familiar with the steam client.

How to Stop False Win32:Bogent Alerts?

You can try an alternative of avast or AVG antivirus on your system or move to the default windows, ten defenders. Also, if your antivirus requires some updates to be installed, try to install the new updates before uninstalling them. It is more likely that the error will be removed by installing the pending updates.

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After updating the antivirus to the latest version, restart the computer and check with Stem. If the error is still there, you need to uninstall the current antivirus and move to the default windows defender.

How to Uninstall third-party antivirus

The anti virus can be obliterated just like any other application. You have to open the control panel on Windows 10, move to program and apps. Click on Avast or AVG, and from the top menu, click uninstall.

Scan Your Computer with Windows 10 Defender

Now, as the third party anti virus is uninstalled from your system, it is time to scan your computer for infected files.

To scan the computer, you need to perform the following steps.

  • Press Windows Key + I to open the “Settings” app.

Win32:Bogent virus threat

  • Click on “Update and security.”
  • Open “Windows Security”

Win32:Bogent virus threat

  • Select “Virus & Threat protection.”

Win32:Bogent virus threat

  • Click on “Scan Option”

Win32:Bogent virus threat

  • Choose “Full scan” and click on the “Scan now” button.

Win32:Bogent virus threat

  • It will take some time for the Windows Defender to scan your computer thoroughly.

In most cases, Windows Defender will detect the win32:botent, win32 bog ent or win32 bogent virus, but if it fails, you have to move to a solid third-party antivirus application. Reinstall a third party virus remover application and scan the system again for the Win32 Bogent virus.

How to check if Win32:Bogent file is a threat

If the Win32:Bogent virus is detected by the anti virus application or windows defender, it might be a severe threat to your computer and host files.

In this case, you have to use online tools such as This tool will help you to scan files and detect which file contains the Win32 Bogent virus.

From the Windows defender of antivirus application that scanned and detected the Win32 Bogent virus, open the “Quarantine” tab and note the Win32:bogent file path that will look like (C:\Windows\System32\StartupCheckLibrary.dll).

Open the online tool (VirusTotal) and open the file path of Win32:bogent. Upload the file from the “Choose File” button. Wait for some time for TotalVirus to scan the uploaded file and check for the seriousness of the threat and how much your host files are infected.

virus total

This tool will highlight the infected files, and if nothing is shown as infected, then it means that your system has falsely detected the virus and Win32:bogent alert.

How to Remove Infected Files from Your Computer?

Sometimes it becomes tough to delete the infected files due to the presence of the virus. The virus locks the file to be deleted from the computer. There is also a solution for this. You can go for the online tools that unlock the locked files on your system.

For this purpose, you can search for online tools using Google by entering keywords like “Folder unlocker”. We will recommend you for this purpose.

Boot with Safe Mode to Delete Infected Files

If a third-party file deleter cannot complete your task, you must boot the system with Safe Mode. When you boot the system in safe mode, only the essential files are booted, and viruses are being ignored at the time of system boot.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Windows Win32:Bogent virus alerts can be falsely identified infected files, and sometimes these can be the real threats to your system. Sometimes some well-known antivirus apps like Avast and AVG can generate these alerts when playing games like steam.

Win32:Bogent [Susp] or Win32:Bogent Steam is most likely a false positive detection of your computer antivirus application that gets triggered when a particular application is loaded. Win32:bogent steam is a trigger that generates an alert when the steam engine is being played on your system, and in this case, you can ignore the error as AVG confirms that it is a false positive.

This means that playing games and seeing this virus alert means that the generated signal is false and there is no such virus. To be on the safe side, you need to be fully aware of the error and take appropriate actions.

Whenever you see the Win 32 Bogent alert on your system, then apply the above solutions to be safe from the upcoming potential leakage of your data from the host system.

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