How to Record Powerpoint with Audio for Naive (Step-by-Step)

How to Record Powerpoint with Audio for Naive

A well-crafted Powerpoint presentation establishes professionalism and strengthens the corporate’s image. Presentations are used by businesses and professional firms to persuade, motivate, inform, and internal and external audiences.

Recording your voice to the PowerPoint presentation is a pretty straightforward process. Even new beginners without experience can do it. However, to take your presentation to a new level, you need the best PowerPoint presentation and recording tool. 

Read on to find out our best screen recording tool to make an effective PowerPoint presentation ideal to fit your specific needs.

How to Record Powerpoint with Audio for Naive?

Whether you’re new to PowerPoint or have been using it for years, keeping your presentation fresh and entertaining for your audience can be difficult. And time is always a factor in business.

We recommend using  SOOMUS free video recorder because it has relatively impressive features and several templates that can help you record, edit, and share powerful presentations efficiently and promptly. 

SOOMUS -The All-in-One PowerPoint Presentation and Recording tool

SOOMUS is a reasonably handy and simple video recorder tool to use by amateurs to record themselves presenting PowerPoint slides on Windows. Not only can it record your narration and everything that happens on your desktop, but it also captures HD quality video from your camera/webcam. It also allows users to save the presentation video recording in an MP4 format for global compatibility or share it using your preferred service.


When you use SOOMUS, you get the freedom to magnify your presentation by adding audio and essential visual effects, including captions, images, video clips, sounds, shapes, animation, etc.  

Professional users adore the SOOMUS video recorder app because it automates the recording process to produce high-quality video with only essential technical expertise and no additional time.

Thanks to SOOMUS’s free customizable templates, recording PowerPoint presentations with audio is made more accessible. For instance, if you want to pitch an idea to senior executives, select one and tweak it to fit the company’s standards. These templates allow users to focus on critical points, compared to creating the presentation from scratch.  

However, the first time you use SOOMUS free video recorder, you’ll be required to download a small launcher application. After which, you can set up an account to access full features that will help you import Powerpoint presentation slides and capture audio and video from your PC.

Following recent updates, now SOOMUS  can help users record online animated videos with advanced level editing to produce better communication and boost interaction. Just click here to install the software, and you’re ready to start recording.

How to Record Powerpoint with Audio for Naive with SOOMUS

Recording Powerpoint presentations with audio should be easy with the SOOMUS app by your side. You only need a functional email address and a  PC to plug in an external microphone or use your system microphone. Check below for step-by-step instructions to use SOOMUS. 

Steps to use SOOMUS

Step 1:  Launch your favorite web browser, search for SOOMUS, download, then follow the prompts to install the app in minutes. 


Step 2: Fill in the provided fields with your email credentials to create a SOOMUS account. Proceed to sign in by clicking the Log In button or using your Google or Facebook account.


Step 3:  Follow the instructions below to import your PowerPoint presentation.

a). On the main window, hit the  Import PowerPoint button, select and import PowerPoint presentation from your PC folder into SOOMUS.


b). Alternatively, import your presentation while in editing mode by clicking the Add button on the top-right side, followed by PPT. 


Step 4: Pick a template, add images, annotations, texts, 3D images, virtual background, shapes, and other effects, to customize and replace the contents in the template.


Step 5:  Click Start Now to record your PowerPoint presentation or open a third-party video conference APP to launch a live conference. Hit the Stop button, format the video, select location, and save the file once you finish recording. 

Why is SOOMUS the Best PowerPoint Presentation and Video Recording App?

SOOMUS is a full-featured but lightweight free video recorder with a  straightforward interface and no-nonsense. Let’s look at them:


It can record Skype or ZOOM live meetings in high-definition, therefore useful for interviews, calls, and online conference product launches. 

Professional virtual background

You can apply SOOMUS virtual background to hide disruptive background elements of a live webcam and attain polished video presentation anywhere, anytime. 

Unlimited video presentation slides

Create unlimited narrated PowerPoint presentations with no restrictions on the number or length of your creation, along with a webcam overlay for free. 


While recording your presentation, draw, underline, and highlight crucial information. The annotations grab the audience’s attention, compelling them to follow and comprehend the vital information. The good news is that SOOMUS does not record mouse movements, producing a professional-looking video presentation clear of obstructions.

Instantaneous upload to YouTube

Once you’re done recording, SOOMUS allows you to upload the presentation file directly to YouTube or save it locally and later share it to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other social media channels.

Well-crafted templates

 Select SOOMUS customizable templates and start recording your presentation with a clear direction. The templates serve as a blueprint that will help you create a compelling and professional video presentation.

Various presentation modes

SOOMUS offers four screen presentation modes; Presenter only, content, Overlay big and Overlay small. You can record the entire screen, a manually selected area, or one of the preset resolutions. This feature is helpful if you’re recording a YouTube clip and don’t want to adjust it later. 

HD Quality 

You won’t compromise on the quality of the video since SOOMUS’s cutting-edge design lets you record your webcam PowerPoint presentation in high-definition quality.

Easy to use

Even more, the SOOMUS  interface is the most intuitive in the world. Its click-and-drag functionality was specifically designed to help users navigate and use the app without expert skills. 

Convenient keyboard shortcuts

SOOMUS free online screen recorder also offers keyboard shortcuts for speed and convenience. You can start recording video by tapping Ctrl + N or import a PowerPoint presentation using Ctrl + Shift + N for quick reference.


When Do You Require To Use SOOMUS to Record PowerPoint With Audio.

  • Support learning by recording a presentation video using SOOMUS to showcase the curriculum material courses and share it with your students. 
  • Slide presentations on SOOMUS offer a visual element to Illustrate ideas in meetings which help employees better understand the content and keep minds from wandering. 
  • Sales managers can effectively record a PowerPoint presentation comparing last year’s sales numbers to this year’s by applying SOOMUS’s annotations, texts, images, and understandable graphs and charts.
  • Students, teachers, scholars, or anyone interested in effective communication can use SOOMUS to record PowerPoint presentations with audio and video and disseminate their opinions/arguments productively. 
  • A video presentation is one of the best ways to communicate and share important information with your employees, including the company’s financial status, changes in policies or rules, or department-specific messages.
  • Powerpoint video presentations with audio are effective training aids. The HR department can use SOOMUS to create an introductory training video for successful employee orientation. 
  • A video PowerPoint presentation comes in handy when a company introduces a new product or service to employees and online customers.  SOOMUS video conferencing feature enables businesses to use visual effects to showcase the quality of the product and get real-time questions and feedback. 
  • Using SOOMUS helps staff members create a standard presentation to fits company culture and ensure consistent communication. An effective presentation includes bullet points or prompts to emphasize the essential points.


That’s how to record a PowerPoint with audio. It is pretty simple if you use SOOMUS free video recorder app because it saves time and produces professional, high-definition content for your audience. You can either record audio or launch a live video conference by connecting to a third-party app. Learn more about how to improve your PowerPoint skills by visiting our website.

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