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As companies continue to grow and establish a presence online, there becomes an ever-present need for data protection. As useful as having a foot in the digital world can be for a business, there exist many threats and drawbacks. Having your data accessed or stolen by external sources can be damaging or even fatal for a company. Preventing these breaches is necessary for a modern company. 

Many businesses are searching for privileged access management solutions to help protect their private files and restrict access to only those who are deemed necessary. By allowing everyone in your company to access important restricted files, you’re widening the possibility of a data breach. That’s why some information is restricted and only accessible by a certain few. But how do you go about implementing this in your business? 

Why Create Privileged Access?

As mentioned before, data leaks and internal attacks are all too common for the modern company. Having a presence online leaves a business vulnerable to hacking attempts and data leaks. Protecting your company from an external attack is decently simple, but this doesn’t protect from private data being accessed. Unfortunately, most data leaks occur when information is accessed from an internal point. An employee of the company who has access to the information leaks it to the public. 

To better secure yourself against an internal data attack, it’s almost necessary to set up privileged access for your company. By restricting the number of employees who have access to certain information, you’re limiting the chances of that information being leaked. Establishing this privileged access management is simple and can be done through programs like the Erkan System. 

Solutions to Your File Protection Needs

Below are listed a few of the best ways to prevent internal attacks and data breaches. These are all parts of a secure privileged access management program designed to boost a company’s security.

  • One Time Passwords – By enforcing one-time passwords, you’re creating a system that changes every use. This way no one can receive a password and hand it to an unauthorized system as it’s already changed.
  • Multi-factor Authentication – The best way to ensure that the person is who they say they are is to set up multiple methods of identification. Anyone can gain access through one question, but with many, it’s unlikely that a hacker can gain access.
  • Real-Time Alerts – Protecting your company is all about combating breaches in a matter of seconds. If you’re notified of suspicious activity within seconds of it occurring, you’ll have ample time to combat it and prevent access to the secure files. 
  • Continuous Monitoring – Think of this as a hall monitor. Having someone who is constantly watching the secured areas to make sure anyone who is there is only doing what they’re supposed to will better protect you from security breaches. 

Protecting your business and its secure files doesn’t have to be difficult. With a dedicated and quality software like the Ekran System by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to protect your company files and private information. 

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