How to Check on a GameStop Pre-Order?

How to Check on a GameStop Pre-Order

Once you get the news about your favorite game launching soon, you put all your guts in action to get the first copy of it. And for this, you pre-order the game so you cannot miss the chance to have it. 

Once you make an order (whether online or at the store), you are keeping a check on the status of your order will prevent you from having nasty surprises after the launch. Fortunately, you can check your order status in three ways, call the store where you have booked the game, visit the store or visit Once you prevent it, you can quickly amend your order from GameStop cancel order or just hold it for now. 

Let’s see how you can check your order through different ways: 


If it is convenient for you to visit the store and check out the status of your pre-order, you should see and check it. Generally, you may need to provide your name, cellphone number, and the game information you have ordered. If you have made the order using your Power-UPS reward card, the person at the game store may use the credentials to check on the status. 

From your Cellphone: 

If you do not love hanging around, you must call the game store where you have pre-booked your game. However, in the case of the Power-UPS card, you may need to provide the game’s name, number, and information.

When you can’t access the store on your phone or don’t want to visit personally, the best way to enhance your impersonal features is to check the status of your game launch online and, of course, the order status. 

Visit and log in with your account credentials. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Order Status.’ Your past orders list, along with your pre-order game, should be listed here. In front of your pre-order, you will see your order’s current status, availability, and delivery date. 

If your order is dispatched to your local game store and doesn’t show up at the website, you should try using guest check-in or the in-store order tool from the website to check the status. 

How to cancel a pre-order from 

You can easily cancel your order from, like the way you efficiently checked the status or placed the order. But you need to make sure to cancel your order before the store charge you from your payment option. The payment option you have selected is not subjected to be billed before five days until the order is ready to be shipped. Therefore, as long as your card is not charged with the required payment, you can easily cancel your order. In case the card is set, and you still want to cancel your order, then you can contact through emailing cancellation requests, by visiting the store in person, and via phone as well. 

Steps to cancel your order from 

1. Enter your email address 

Visit and log in the same way you did to check your order status. Click on ‘My Orders’ to see your pre-ordered game lists. 


2. Select the order or game you want to cancel for now. Details of the order and information about the charge will appear in the order history. 


3. Click cancel the shipment making sure that your card has not been charged with the payment. Once clicked, adhere to the information and on-screen instruction from the website to confirm y our cancellation. If you don’t find an order cancellation option, move forward to the next step. 

If you couldn’t find the order cancellation option, it may be because your card has already been charged. You can return the package within 30-days without opening it by taking it to the store in person. The 30-day return offer has been restricted to few items only. For instance, if you have ordered a tablet and now want to return it, you have to replace it within two weeks without opening it. 

4. In case you want to cancel your order when you haven’t received your package and the payment has been charged, then you can write to through email or contact the representative via call or in-person. 


  • Email: On, go to the contact tab and fill out the required information. You will see a category dropdown, select ‘Online Orders’ and add an order number in the concerned field. Ensure that you mention the reason for your cancellation. 
  • Phone: You can contact the customer support department at Gamestop 7 days a week from 8 am-8 pm (CST). Dial 1-800-833-8895 and register your cancellation request.
  • In-person: On visiting the store in person, make sure to take your valid ID and the order reference number with you to prove your purchase. Check your nearest store by typing on your search engine. 

FAQs on Gamestop

Is it safe to make online purchases from Gamestop? 

Purchasing games and other stuff from is safe as you buy from any other trusted site on the internet. It’s also fun to make purchases over Gamestop, as you may find you ever wished game stuff over there. 

How will you find when your package will arrive?

Gamestop uses UPS to ship your package. Therefore, you can visit the UPS website, and by entering your shipment number, you can easily track your order status and the details attached to it. 

  1. Visit UPS website 
  2. Click ‘Quick Start’
  3. Click ‘Track’ and enter your tracking number 
  4. Check the status 

What can you do if your shipment doesn’t arrive on the expected date or time?

If you didn’t receive your package within the guaranteed time and date, you can call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) and request a refund. Or log in or make an account at the UPS billing website to track your order or request a cancellation. 

UPS, by the way, is determined to deliver 99% of their deliveries, so you may not need to cancel your order for this reason, hopefully.

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