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9 Ways How Kodi Can Help Bring About Your Academic Success

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Kodi has the reputation of primarily being an entertainment center. However, it comes with tons of possibilities to address the unique needs of different users. The best aspect of Kodi is that there are many add-ons accessible to you across a wide range of niches. Whether you are looking for entertainment or education, you will find resources that cater to your needs. 

To compile this article, we’ve had a conversation with a professional academic essay helper at essayhub to find the best educational tools available for Kodi users. Here is a curated list of add-ons that will help you learn with Kodi. 

kodi in acadamic success


Udacity is a prominent online learning platform with courses on diverse topics. You can find programs that focus on your career development, technology, business, and more. 

Fortunately, this extensive MOOC-based platform also provides accessibility through Kodi. Users can watch all videos on Udacity, as well as get support and, for instance, their quizzes. 


Curious about space? Now, all you need is NASA‘s Kodi add-on to gain access to content from the outer space. Users can watch live streaming from the international space station, as well as the space telescope footage. 

In addition, viewers can also engage in other informative NASA programs. If space research is your field of study, then this add-on could be an invaluable tool for your academic success. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an educational website that offers free access to learning resources. The tool comes with instructional videos, practice exercises, and tutorials, all combined to create a personalized learning experience for its users. 

Students can find relevant resources in a wide array of subjects, including science, maths, computing, art history, economics, and more. There are also test prep programs for standardized exams such as SAT, and LSAT. Khan Academy add-on is one of the best ways to broaden your intellect and get ahead in your academic performance. 

Easy Engineering TV 

If you are passionate about technology and engineering, then Easy Engineering TV would be of great interest to you. The platform is a dedicated online TV channel for professional techniques, with information on advancements in all technological fields. 

From industrial consumers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts, there is plenty to learn on this channel. The add-on works well for engineering students keen to stay posted about the latest developments in the field. 

Grindhouse Learning 

This Kodi learning tool is all about languages, be it in programming, or spoken ones. Be it Spanish, or Italian, or Python or JSS, GrindHouse add-on integrates well with Kodi to offer you a reliable educational service. 

They currently have over 45 learning sections, that also include lectures on health, social sciences, business, algebra, and more. It is an effective way to engage kids in studying, with exciting video elements. 

kodi in acadamic success2

ZT Learning 

ZT is another third-party Kodi add-on that has gained quite some popularity as a learning tool. The platform provides support for video tutorials for various languages, as well as coding content. 

Users can also avail of training in PC programming for Windows 10 and more. ZT Learning, combined with Kodi, can quickly help you reach your language goals. 

TED Talks 

What better than a series of inspirational videos to get you to excel in your academics? TED Talks have already gained quite a huge fanbase. 

Suppose you need that quick spur of motivation or someone’s experience to guide you in the next direction. Look no further than TED Talks. Now, with the Kodi add-on, it has become easier than ever for Kodi users to take advantage of the TED Talks. 

Learn A New Language 

Kodi seems to offer a myriad of resources for language learners. Learn A New Language fits right into the category. However, unlike the other add-ons listed in this article, this one focuses entirely on spoken languages. 

So, if you are looking for a simple tool that specializes in your target language, then this app might be of interest to you. The interface is simple, and you have a long list of choices as well. 


Finally, we have the ultimate add-on that offers you endless resources on almost every subject on Earth. 

When it comes to YouTube, Kodi has the official add-on, as well as several other dedicated YouTube channels for your pick. For instance, the Infographics Show add-on features videos that pack boring content into engaging, animation motion graphics, making the learning of dull topics more indulgent. 

You can also download YouTube Channels, and organize your subscriptions in Kodi effectively. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Kodi can serve as a doorway to diverse learning opportunities, no matter your interest. With the right set of add-ons, you can use Kodi as your go-to educational app. 

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