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How Do You Market a Personal Injury Law Firm?

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If you want to get more leads, there are a number of ways for you to market your law firm. With the right marketing strategy, you can get more clients.  Search engine optimization, social media, branding, PPC marketing and inbound marketing are just a few strategies to implement. If you are not implementing strategies for online marking, you are definitely  missing out new potential clients.

Drive new clients with search engine optimization. This strategy helps you drive demand and get new customers. With specific keyword research and analysis, you can improve your ranking in the search engines. It will improve your law firm’s search engine visibility.  Search engine optimization will deliver more traffic and more qualified leads.  Content optimization is also very important. You need to provide high quality content that is in simple language that others will understand.  Your content needs to be evergreen and time sensitive. 

Evergreen content includes content that is well written, includes case studies and features frequently answered questions.  Time sensitive content includes providing topics that are newsworthy.  It also includes blogs, press releases, webinars and recent wins for your law firm.  This is a strategic approach to attract your audience.  By providing content optimization, you will be nurturing your potential clients.  Always keep your content fresh, professional and engaging.

Another way to market your love firm is to implement PPC. PPC is paid marketing.  It is the strategic placing of ads on a search engine for your law firm.  You can also use PPC on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  This will increase your law firm’s reach.  You can attract clients when they are using these platforms with PPC ads. 

With PPC, your ads jump up on the top line right in front if your audience.  A potential new customer will click on your ad and be led to your website. An experienced law marketing company can assist you with developing ads that have the right keywords. They will also help you analyze the results and the ad’s performance.

Inbound marketing is another effective marketing strategy for law firms.  It helps build trust and increases credibility. Reach customers with meaningful content. Inbound marketing will help develop your client base.  Just be sure to include a strong call to action.

Social media marketing is a powerhouse for law firms.  Your law firm’s competitors use it, and you need to use it.  Over 35% of people who used social media, music for professional purposes. It gives law firms another way to find new clients.  It’s an opportunity for law firms to establish brand and engage a community.  But, you need a plan to do right on social media plans. Be sure to know the legal rules before you post anything. 

Set both short term and long-term goals for your social media marketing. Do you want to work create brand awareness or do you want more clients? Research and find out what your competitors are doing. You can share new content or share existing content. Just make sure it’s focused on your targeted audience.

You should be posting on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to set up a daily schedule for yourself to do this for it.  You should also be tracking, measuring and evaluating your results.

On Facebook, you can also join other legal groups.  Plus, you can get the emails of your followers and begin an email marketing campaign. On YouTube, you can create videos to introduce your firm or talk about the latest legal events.

Having a good website is also part of online marketing. Your website should be professional looking with great photographs. In addition, it should be responsive.  Make sure your website is easy to navigate for users. You should also have a mobile friendly website. In fact, over 50% of users are on their phones today not on their computers. That’s huge market for you to market your law firm to. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and expertise to do online marketing for your law firm the right way. But, the rewards are worth it. The best thing to do is to hire a law marketing company to do it all for your law firm. A professional law marketing company has the experience, knowledge and technology to develop a well-executed online marketing campaign for you. 

Hiring a professional law marketing company will free you up from having to do the daily task online marketing for your law firm.  And don’t get too caught up in the cost either. A good law firm marketing company will wind up paying for itself.  What to ramp up your law firm’s online presence? Looking to garner more clients for your law firm ? Call a law firm marketing company today.

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