The Ultimate Guide on Playing Retro Games on Kodi

The Ultimate Guide on Playing Retro Games on Kodi

Kodi being the most preferred gaming platform, many gamers wish to play various games on it, but they don’t know how to go about it. Retro games can be played on Kodi quite easily, but sometimes the installation process could be a hard nut to crack. In addition to an installation guide, we’re also providing you with troubleshooting tips to help you overcome minor problems after installing.

First, you need to know that the latest Kodi version is v3.1.0 and is dated March 2, 2021. New additions to this version include game loading speed, updated game lists, Korean translation, among others. Video Games Supported by Kodi 19 include Nintendo, PS1, DOS, Lynx, Sega Saturn, Game Boy, and Atari 2600. Similarly, some consoles are not supported by Kodi 19, such as Sega Dreamcast and N64. Although you cannot play these games internally, you can use a couple of tricks to play them on this platform.

Configuring/Syncing Game Controllers

Syncing and configuring game controllers on Kodi is the first step towards playing Retro games on it. Sony PlayStation and Xbox are among the most common controllers supported by Kodi. Pair your controller by setting it up on the hardware you have Kodi on. That could be an android TV box, Mac, Windows, or Linux. Once the setup is complete, the next step will connect your devices via a USB cable or Bluetooth. Ensure nothing else is turned on as you configure the controller.

You might want to use amazon fire as your hardware. In that case, you need to navigate to Settings, then select ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devices. Choose the Game Controllers and select ‘Add New Game Controller.’ If you want to use the game controller on android TV, the pairing process is not any different. Navigate to Settings, then click Devices & Accessories. Select ‘Add New Device’ and wait for your box to search game controllers.

Getting Kodi to Recognise Your Game Controller

Sometimes Kodi takes unusually long to recognise the controller if it is disabled in Kodi’s settings. However, you can make it realise faster through the following procedure:

  • Go to the Kodi menu and click on the settings icon
  • Click system
  • Go to the input tab
  • Click ‘Configure Attached Controller’ to the right
  • Click Yes to enable addon configuration
  • Click OK and start using your controller.

Installing Controller Addons on Kodi

You need to install addons to use your favourite emulator without difficulty. The first thing you need to do is install controller profiles for those emulators you plan to use. You will mainly install these profiles through the following procedure:

  1. Click on the addon’s icon on your Kodi menu
  2. Choose ‘Install from repository
  3. Select Kodiaddon repository
  4. Click Game addons
  5. Select controller profiles

Configuring Controllers for Retro Games on Kodi

After installing controllers, you now need to configure the buttons for them on Kodi. It would help if you mapped out controls for the synced controllers from the original ones. Here is how you can go about it:

  1. Click the settings gear icon on the Kodi menu
  2. Go to system, and then select the input tab
  3. Select Yes to enable the addon configuration in Kodi
  4. You will see a list of your installed controllers
  5. Select the controller you want to edit and scroll to the right where the buttons are located
  6. Click each button and select to replace it with a corresponding button on your controller
  7. Do the same for the rest of the buttons
  8. Click OK to save to your settings when done

Installing and Playing Retro Games on Kodi

This is the main sauce; how to install and play your favourite games on Kodi. It would help if you had ROMs and emulators to play Retro games on Kodi successfully. In case you don’t know what emulators are, they are special software programs that mirror classic video game consoles. Kodi packs ROM-enabled emulators, which help you to play Retro games on the platform. Below is a procedure that should help you install emulators on Kodi.

  1. Open Kodi’s main menu and select addons
  2. Click ‘Install from Repository’
  3. Select Kodi Add-On Repository
  4. Select ‘Game Add-On’
  5. Click ‘Emulators’
  6. Please choose from the list of emulators, the ones you want to install and click on them, one by one.

The emulators you have installed may not always work. In such a case, you can always try others and see if they work. Roms are the actual retro games you need to play on Kodi. Hence they play a significant role in the whole process. You can download Roms for different devices at Romspedia. Archive Game Launcher (AGL) is a revolutionary addon that allows you to play any Retro game on Kodi. Before adding ROMs, this is how you can install AGL.

  1. Download the repository
  2. On your home screen, click ‘Install from Zip file.’
  3. Wait for the addon notification
  4. Select ‘Install from Repository>add-ons>Game Add-ons>Game Providers>Internet Archive Game Launch
  5. Click ‘Install’, and then wait for the addons notification.
  6. Choose the game you wish to play from the list provided and launch it

Retroarch External App Launching

You can set up an external Retroarch app using the following procedure:

  • Launch the Retroarch app you have already installed
  • Select ‘Online Updater’
  • Select ‘Core Updater’
  • Click and update all the systems you wish to update

Slow Motion Game Fixing

Sometimes all you see upon launching a game is slow motion. Well, that is quite annoying and frustrating. Luckily, you can quickly fix that as follows:

  1. Go to Kodi main menu and select System>Player>Videos
  2. Select uncheck on the option ‘Allow Hardware Acceleration.’


Playing Retro Games on Kodi has never been easy, thanks to platforms such as Zach Morris Repository, which contain AGL. With the help of this guide, you will be able to play your favourite Retro games without difficulty. It is important to note that you might want to get a gamepad when playing retro games on devices such as Firestick because you can’t use a standard remote.

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