Ways Hackers Are Used to Tricking and Exploiting Vulnerable SQL Server

Ways Hackers Are Used to Tricking and Exploiting Vulnerable SQL Server

SQL Server security is a cause of concern to even the most experienced and proficient DBA. Irrespective of its version, we know that the SQL Database seems to be under perpetual threat since it stores sensitive data that malevolent hackers wish to have access to. As per Huffington Post, cyber-attacks in the past have demonstrated that firms of all sizes across all industries are targeted by hackers. These organizations are under constant threat and face ongoing attacks. 

One of the chief job responsibilities of a Database Administrator is to ensure that the SQL environments are secured. We know SQL is strategically designed to be a safe and secure database platform. It boasts many features capable of encrypting data, limiting access & authorization, safeguarding data theft, protecting data from destruction, and taking care of other forms of malevolent behaviour. Despite this, countless firms across the globe are still experiencing SQL database vulnerabilities. They often encounter SQL injection attacks and other attacks for manipulating data retrieval. 

Whether it is via manual poking or using appropriate security testing tools, malevolent hackers follow a host of tricks for breaking into SQL systems, outside and inside your firewall. DBAs need to realize that if hackers are launching attacks, organizations must perform similar hacks to examine the security and safety of the system. Organizations must have a sound knowledge and understanding of hacker tricks to access the system and violate it.

Hacker Trick No.1: Attempting to Establish a Direct Connection via the Internet

Establishing direct connections will be helpful in attaining easy access to your SQL server if it does not have firewall protection. As per the findings of recent reports, millions of systems do not have the necessary firewall protection, as such, they are susceptible to attacks. It is difficult to understand the logic behind such a casual attitude of users. 

If you are callous, you are sure to expose your SQL system to grave server issues, providing direct access to the malicious hackers on the Internet to perform such activities. We know that all these attacks could result in service denial, buffer overflow, and more. The impact of these hacker attacks is sure to intensify the vulnerability of your SQL system. Ultimately, your essential database may be compromised.

Hacker No.2: Vulnerability Scanning

Hackers resort to vulnerability scanning to reveal underlying weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the operating system. Diverse techniques such as, Internet Information Service, SNMP, and SQL server patches are all exposed to exploitation. Malicious attackers and hackers are known to use numerous methods to gain easy access to your database. It will trigger utter chaos in the system when the hackers start using open sources, home-grown equipment, and commercial tools for such tasks. If you wish to proactively prevent such a situation, consider using an appropriate commercial vulnerability access tool. It will carry out a meticulous system assessment and provide the necessary information to you. Thanks to a comprehensive assessment, you can successfully secure the system. 

Hacker No. 3: Decipher the Password

A hot-favorite attack launched by malicious hackers is cracking the SA password. It provides them with a passage into an organization’s SQL database and impedes the entire system. Today organizations have easy access to cutting-edge commercial products for boosting the system’s capability and fortifying the password. These tools are handy and effective enough to safeguard SQL from these malicious attacks and hacks.

Hacker No. 4: Direct Exploit Attack

Metasploit and other such tools assist in direct attack cases. These are called silver-bullet hacks utilized by malicious hackers and attackers to penetrate the system successfully and undertake code injection or gain easy entrée into the command line. This is supposed to be the commercial equivalent utilized to exploit diverse vulnerabilities revealed while scanning vulnerability.

Hacker No. 5: SQL Injection

A hot-favorite attack launched by hackers or attackers is SQL injection. We know that it can get implemented via a front-end web app, not validating the user input. Moreover, deformed SQL assessments such as SQL commands can be incorporated into the website URL for the command to get executed. When the hacker has the luxury of time, he may rely on manual attacks. Professionals resort to system analysis for unveiling potential vulnerabilities of SQL injection. Since it involves automated tools, performing these activities could prove complicated and time-consuming. Highly experienced and skilled high-tech people can be of great help thanks to their expertise and sound knowledge in this field. These people know and understand ways of discovering the vulnerabilities in a system and their perfect solutions.


An average user may not have the knowledge to tackle vulnerability issues. They do not have a sound understanding of technical concepts and issues. Hence, it is a good idea to hire professionals to protect your data and server seamlessly. Always remember that hacked data may lead to numerous problems, jeopardizing the integrity and safety of an organization.

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