Top 5 Grammar Checker Apps for Your Writing 

Top 5 Grammar Checker Apps for Your Writing 

Grammar is often a tricky problem for individuals when writing. Many a time, one makes mistakes in syntax while writing as a result of an oversight or lack of knowledge about it. Now there are multiple online applications available to help you check your syntax with ease. Though these online applications will help make grammar improvements on your paper, they are prone to certain flaws. Impeccable grammar is what you observe when PapersOwl write your paper for you. These applications can be accessed with the help of an internet device and will grammar check sentences in just a few seconds.

Smartphones are gradually becoming indispensable tools in the world, with many often using them to review or even write a paper. Which is why you find individuals asking such as “How can I check my grammar using my smartphone?”. Below, the top five smartphone grammar applications are discussed, looking into their pros and cons.


When it comes to ranking smartphone syntax checkers, the grammar editor arguably reigns supreme. The smartphone application offers a wide range of syntax checks on your write-ups. One can easily access this writing tool on your smartphone by running your browser in desktop mode. The application comes with both free and premium services for users. The premium services provide intricate syntax checks, though the free service does provide users with decent syntax corrections also.


  • Using Grammarly free is ideal for correcting basic grammar mistakes 
  • Offers users an easy to understand user interface and functionality
  • It offers explanations 
  • Offers users an online storage drive for saving documents 
  • Wide range of integration
  • The choice of uploading or pasting documents. 
  • Overall Brilliance 


  • Website Application 
  • Premium service isn’t budget-friendly 
  • English Grammar Spell Checker


This grammar editor is renowned for combining syntax checking along with language translations. The application also comes with three affordable plans aside from the free plan. Depending on your level of editing, you can select between its premium, business, and essential plans. You can translate your document into over fifty different languages using any of its paid packages. It’s available across major smartphone operating systems such as the Android and Apple iOS.


  • Simple user interface 
  • Paid versions come at economical price rates 
  • Supports language translations 


  • Doesn’t support uploading of documents 


Ginger is considered by many as the grammar checker second only to Grammarly, as the two syntax editors provide users with excellent. You paste your text on Ginger and have it go to work providing you with a new text free of grammar mistakes. The app is available for Windows and the Apple iOS, while Android devices have to settle with a keyboard app.

Ginger also comes with a premium version alongside its free version, with the former ideal for heavy prove reading. The grammar editor also supports language translations of up to 60 different languages. 


  • Language translations 
  • The free version offers decent syntax corrections 
  • Gives Grammarly a run for its money 


  • The free version is quite limited for large text volume 


This grammar checker is available on the Apple iOS and provides a unique blend of syntax checking. It offers users the option of not just performing syntax editing but also making their writing rich in vocabulary. Search for synonymous words in the inbuilt thesaurus function and watch your writing resonate with meaning. 

CorrectMe comes in both a free and premium version, with the premium version providing users with additional syntax functions and vocabulary development. 


  • Simple to understand user interface 
  • Great for finding alternative words to help improve your paper writing


  • Premium version is a necessity for intricate grammar checks. 


This grammar app is available for Smartphones in its website based version. It provides you with excellent grammar checks and is free for use. It also helps to improve the readability index of your writing by grading and highlighting sentences that are difficult to read. The readability grading system in Hemingway works by assigning ascending numerical levels to your work the harder it is to read.


  • Simple to understand readability system 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Great as support for powerful syntax checkers 


  • Limited grammar editor
  • Unstable and prone to crashes 
  • No support for upload or save on the web app 

Final Words

Scholars, as well as tutors, can take advantage of these amazing syntax editors to improve the quality of their write-up and their writing skills. You can always use more than one syntax checker to enhance quality further. 

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