Google’s Pixel 8 Pro may look like a rounded Pixel 7

Google's Pixel 8 Pro
Google's Pixel 8 Pro

Google has yet to reveal the Pixel 7a, but leakers are claiming to know something about the Pixel 8 series.

At first appearance, it appears to be a minor upgrade to the Pixel 7 Pro. The edges have been softened to prevent them from biting into your hand, and the three-lens back camera array (primary, ultra-wide, and telephoto) has been consolidated into a single cutout.

Yet, there may be a noticeable functional improvement. Its back array also appears to incorporate an unidentified sensor beneath the flash. According to On Leaks and Smart Prix, it might be a depth or macro sensor, but we wouldn’t rule out LiDAR or other technology to boost augmented reality, portraiture, and low-light photography.

In December, Kuba discovered code hinting the new phones may use staggered HDR, or a technique that captures multiple exposures at once. The Pixel 8 line is also likely to use a third-generation Tensor chip that may improve performance and efficiency.

If the reports are true, this will be a predictable upgrade, but considering the positive response to Google’s recent Pixel launches, you might not mind.

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