Google is integrating Assistant and Calendar reminders with Tasks

Google assistant and calendar reminder
Google assistant and calendar reminder

Google is incorporating Assistant and Calendar reminders into its Tasks app in the next move in its app cleanup effort. By combining its to-do systems, the business hopes to make it easier to manage your chores and reminders from any of these three applications.

Google Tasks, which debuted as a separate app in 2018, now operates in its own compartment. In the iOS and Android apps, as well as through a side panel in Gmail or Google Drive on the web, you can create projects and subtasks and set reminders. These, however, do not appear in your Assistant reminders. Furthermore, Calendar provides two unique choices for creating tasks and reminders, which may be confusing to users.

Google is working to correct this with an update that will be available in the coming months. When it becomes available, users who set a reminder using Google Assistant will see it in both the Tasks and Calendar lists. At the designated time, they will also receive a job completion reminder notification.

“To streamline our task management solutions, we’ll be migrating Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks soon.” This implies that you will be able to see and manage all of your tasks in one location via Google Tasks, regardless of whether you created them using Assistant or Calendar,” the firm noted in a blog post.

Users will be prompted to check out the new integrated Task experience when using Calendar or Assistant in the coming months, according to Google. Furthermore, after the transfer is complete, the Calendar Reminder choices will be removed.

But, in case you forget, Google Keep allows you to set reminders for certain chores. However, there is no interface with Google’s note-taking app in this version, so we’ll have to wait for the business to release a massive to-do integration.

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