Google Meet is stealing Zoom’s trick to easily unmute

Google Meet stealing Zoom’s unmute trick
Google Meet stealing Zoom’s unmute trick

Zoom’s push-to-talk functionality has been added to Google Meet.

Google is combining the Meet and Duo apps in an overly complicated process, and it’s also introducing a Zoom-like feature into the mix.

Google Meet will soon allow you to unmute yourself simply by holding down the spacebar and then mute yourself again by releasing it, according to the Google Workspace blog.

This capability may seem similar to Zoom’s push-to-talk functionality if you use it frequently — and it is. It’s surely something only Google could think of.

Having said that, I’m confident that the new push-to-talk feature will be available in the new Google Meet app, but it’s unclear if it will be available in the Meet (Original) app, as Google will ultimately discontinue it.

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