Google is taking reservations to talk to its supposedly-sentient chatbot

Google taking reservations for sentient chatbot
Google taking reservations for sentient chatbot

Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed at the I/O 2022 conference in May that the firm will progressively make its experimental LaMDA 2 conversational AI model available to select beta customers in the following months.

Researchers at Google’s AI group stated on Thursday that interested persons can register to investigate the model when access becomes more widely available.

When beta users activate Google’s AI Test Kitchen, they will be able to experiment and explore interactions with the NLP in a controlled, presumably supervised, environment.

Access will be granted to a restricted number of US Android users today, with iOS devices following suit in the coming weeks. The program will provide a series of guided demos that will demonstrate LaMDA’s capabilities to users.

“The initial demo, ‘Imagine It,’ lets you identify a place and gives routes to explore your idea,” said Tris Warkentin, Group Product Manager at Google Research, and Josh Woodward, Senior Director of Product Management for Labs at Google, on Thursday in a Google AI blog. “We’ve conducted dedicated rounds of adversarial testing in order to identify other faults in the model,” Warkentin and Woodward stated.

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