Google is all set to launch a ChatGPT competition called Bard

Google launches Bard
Google launches Bard

Google is preparing to unveil Bard, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot. It aimed the move at competing with ChatGPT. Google will first make the functionality available to a few testers before making it public. Google’s existing huge language model is Lamba.

Google has also introduced some incredible new AI features for its search engine that provide human-like replies to inquiries. AI chatbots often skim over the content that is supplied to them in order to construct their expertise and information store.

“Bard aspires to integrate the breadth of the world’s information with the strength, intelligence, and creativity of our massive language models,” Sundar Pichai said in a blog post.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that he wants Google’s AI to be “bold and responsible,” and the business is attempting to ensure that users are not exposed to dangerous or abusive information.

Soon, we may expect to see AI-powered Search capabilities that convert complicated information into easy-to-digest forms, allowing you to understand more about the broader picture.

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