Google experiment ditches WebKit for its own engine in Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome Blink
Google Chrome Blink

Blink is not permitted on iOS, but Google is attempting it, anyway.

Apple’s App Store standards mandate that the Chrome browser for iOS use the WebKit engine rather than the standard Blink, but that hasn’t stopped Google from speculating.

According to The Register, Google has just begun work on an attempt to transfer Blink to iOS. They restricted the project to the “content shell” app rather than Chrome, and the Chromium team working on it emphasizes that it is not a “shippable product.” According to the manufacturer, it is just intended to evaluate graphics and input performance.

According to a Google spokeswoman, the Blink port is simply a “prototype” that is part of a broader open-source endeavor. I will not make it public, and the corporation will “continue to comply” with Apple’s policies.

If Apple’s regulations remain unchanged, Google cannot offer any Blink-based software.

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