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A gaming keyboard is a big deal for today’s gaming. A good gaming keyboard like razer cynosa chroma is not only a device with flashy buttons but also a powerful tool in your gaming arsenal. Knowing shortcuts and the layout of your keyboard may increase your gaming performance. Besides, it will help in everyday tasks at your computer. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get maximum output from your keyboard. 

Shortcut Combinations 

  • High Contrast

The shortcut combination of SHIFT+ALT+Print will activate the high contrast mode on your monitor. A corresponding message will appear before activating it. The high contrast mode may be helpful in dark areas in games.

  • Shut Down 

You may shut down your Pc with a few clicks of your gaming keyboard. The combination of buttons WIndows+X opens a special menu. Press I to sign out from your current profile in this menu, U to shut down the Pc, and R to restart it. A useful tool to end the session quickly. 

  • Snipping Tool 

The combination of Windows+Shift+S will activate the snipping tool. This tool allows capturing a certain part of your screen and saves it as an image. It is useful when you have a lot of visual information going on at the same time. You may save crucial game information with the snipping tool and then analyze them in a calm environment. 

  • Additional Symbols 

You may make your online chat messages more impactful with additional symbols. Try a combination of Alt+Numeric pad keys to see different alternative typing symbols.

  • Moving a game window between monitors 

The combination of Windows+Shift+Arrow keys allows you to change the window with the game between the monitors. It is a useful combination for managing streams and additional tasks with a multi-monitor setup. 

  • Full Screen and Window mode for games 

Sometimes games do not provide options for gaming screen customization. In this case, the combination of Windows+Shift+Enter helps to switch between the game’s full screen and window mode. This tip is useful for recording old-school games or games with limited settings. 


The hotkeys are not the only benefit of a gaming keyboard. Many new devices have separated programmable keys. These keys are useful for creating macros. Macros are a set combination of keys bound to a single button. As a result, you can perform even the hardest manoeuvres in a split second. 

The macros can be useful in strategies, fightings, and MMO games. The competitive scene of strategy games requires lighting reactions for performing certain tasks. Sometimes, a fraction of a second divides victory from defeat. A macro that will gather your resources or troops makes the real difference. In MMO games, the more complex your character becomes, the more active abilities they have.

Sometimes, there are several panels of active spells, items, and their combinations. Macros make a play for such characters more intuitive and approachable. Finally, fighting games may be a bit intricate on keyboards. However, a good gaming keyboard would be as efficient in your hands as any fighting device. Macros and programmable buttons are a great help in the instant performance of difficult moves and combinations. 

RGB Lighting 

The last but not least piece of advice is the configuration of RGB lighting. Most of the gaming keyboards have this feature onboard. RGB lighting may serve not only as an aesthetic pleasure but have practical application. You may light up an active gaming area to have a constant visual reference. It helps to input commands faster and always see where to put your hand. 

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