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How to Fix https// Not Working Minecraft Issue

How to Fix https// Not Working Minecraft Issue

Minecraft is the most famous platform for gaming these days. People of every age of group love to stream games online with Minecraft. This is an internationally renowned gaming platform mainly used for multiplayer games and devices. You can connect multiple devices for Minecraft streaming with the help of aka. Ms/remoteconnect settings.  

However, many people face errors while connecting, aka. Ms/remoteconnect feature. This article discusses all the Minecraft https aka ms remote connect errors and how you can fix this issue on any popular gaming platform such as Playstation, PC, or any other platform. 

What is aka ms remoteconnect sign in error in Minecraft? 

ms remoteconnect or https// is the feature available in Minecraft that allows gamers to connect with other platforms/devices and play multiplayer games online on the internet famous gaming consoles such as PC, PS, Xbox, and other platforms. If this service is not working in its natural form, you will not be able to play multiplayer games with other games. 

Below this article, different methods are shown to work on aka. ms remote connect issue and start smooth use of Minecraft.  

Restart Gaming Device If you are looking for the aka ms remoteconnect feature and it is not working, then the first recommended thing you should go for is the system restart. Whatever device you are playing games (PC, Xbox, PS, or smartphone), it is recommended to restart after some glitches because the cache files stored on the system slow it down. 

The cache issue can be resolved with the help of a single system restart. In most cases, system restart will help you determine the point of It is safe to fix this issue without harming the system files or hardware. If a system restart is not helping you resolve, aka ms remote bug, then look at other fixes from this guide. 

Best Ways to Fix https aka ms remoteconnect not working

Use Minecraft Code for Sign in 

The second fix for the issue in Minecraft is related to the Minecraft account. Try to access your account with the code. To do so, follow the below-given steps. 

  • Open Minecraft 
  • Click on Sign in access multiplayer 
  • Link your Microsoft account 
  • Now click on https // Microsoft link and enter the code from the message 
  • Now open a browser and go to
  • Open a new tab on the same browser and go to
  • Now enter the code and click on the “Next” button. 
  • On the following button, check the checkbox to agree on the terms and conditions and click on “Yes.”

Don’t Use the Same Account on Multiple Devices. 

If you are using Microsoft, you have to make sure that your account is not logged in on multiple devices simultaneously. If the same login is used on various devices, then there are chances that you will get the https // Minecraft bug on your system. Log out from all the devices and log in to a single device from the same account to fix the issue. If you want to use a Microsft account, you have to create new accounts for each device. 

Delete Minecraft Game Data to Fix, aka. ms remoteconnect

The following solution for the Minecraft aka remoteconnect error is to delete the saved gamed data from your device. Make sure to get a backup of the game data before deleting it from your gaming console. There are maximum chances that deleting the saved game data will resolve the not working issue effectively.  

Uninstall the Game from Console 

If the above solution is not working for you to resolve the error, then the next thing you need to do is log out from the system and reinstall it. Log out of the game and completely uninstall it after removing it from your system; login and reinstall the same game. This is an effective fix for most Minecraft gamers.  

FAQs of https// not Working Bug

How to fix not working on Switch? 

For the Nintendo Switch users, the not working issue mostly appears when they try to open the webpage and want to insert the code. There is no proven fix for this, but you have to keep pushing the code in the website repeatedly to fix the remoteconnect issue. 

How to Use aka ms Remoteconnect Codes? 

Sign in with the Microsoft verified account on your computer. Now go to the https// website and click on the “Sign in with a Microsoft account.” You will see a Microsoft screen. Now go to the website and enter the code there. After entering the code, you will access aka remoteconnect of Minecraft. 

How to fix not working on PS4?

The aka remote connect error of Minecraft on PS can be fixed with the code. Open the PS4 account and enter the code. After this, open website and follow the instructions.  

Is Saft to Use? 

Yes, the ttps:// website is entirely safe and secure to operate. It is associated with a Microsoft account, so it means it can be trusted.  

How to Setup aka. Ms/remoteconnect on Xbox one With Mobile App?  

Follow the below-given steps to do so.  

  • Go to aka. ms/xboxsetup website from the Xbox 
  • Login to your Microsoft account 
  • Follow the instructions 

Final Words 

Hopefully, after reading the above fixes for https aka ms remoteconnect not working issue, have resolved your issue. Now let’s conclude the guide. Most error is not fatal, and you should not get worried about them.

In most scenarios, you can fix and remove the error by restarting the gaming console. In many cases, if you resolve the error, you will not see it again, but if you do, look at the above steps again. Keep this blog post bookmarked if you are a regular player of Minecraft multiplayer games. 

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