What are the Best Online Courses to Become an AI Expert?

Transforming your business with Artificial Intelligence - A Roadmap

Artificial intelligence is one of the fast-growing fields in modern technology. Hence, it has been the center of attention for students, job seekers, business owners, and corporations for a long time now. However, since most development in AI has happened in recent years, there is a giant gap between the talent available and the skill required.

You can utilize this to your benefit by becoming an AI expert and then getting a job or starting a business. Fortunately, there are plenty of online classes for artificial intelligence that can help you make this possible. So, we have compiled a shortlist of the best artificial intelligence courses that can help you on your journey to becoming a subject matter expert:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will teach you the basic concepts in AI and implement them using Python. In this course, you will learn what AI is, explore use cases and applications of AI, and understand critical concepts like machine learning, deep learning, neural networks. Additionally, you will be taught about the various peripheral aspects of AI like uses, issues that it can solve, the problems it can cause, the jobs it can lead to, and ethics. You will also be assigned capstone projects to help you earn a certificate. 

You don’t need any background information to enroll in this course as it is tailor-made for beginners. So, whether you have a technical background or not, you can choose this course and immediately start learning. This course is available on Coursera.

Artificial Intelligence for Business by Kirill Eremenko

The artificial intelligence for the business course is made for people interested in using AI and its offerings for solving problems faced in any business. Hence, it could assist you in identifying customer patterns and trends, identifying factors that could boost the revenue, or streamline a process. Thus, if you own a business or are working for a startup or running a consultancy to help businesses, this course is ideal for you. 

The best part about this course is that even most of the complex and technical subjects are simplified. The success of this course is apparent from the fact that more than 15000 students have given it a rating of 4.3. You can access this course on the famous learning platform, Udemy.

Deep Reinforcement Learning using Python: Advanced AI

This advanced course will teach you to use Python to use deep learning and neural networks for reinforcement learning. Additionally, it teaches you about OpenAI Gym, which is widely implemented in the industry for practicing and creating demos. OpenAI Gym allows anyone from anywhere to use reinforcement learning to train the agents in a familiar environment. 

This course is perfect for you to gain knowledge in AI. To enroll in this course, you can visit Udemy.

Build a successful career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Great Learning

If you are a working professional, this course is ideal for you. Whether you are already employed in AI and ML or want to change your current domain and get started in this growing field, the course curriculum will take care of it. It begins with the very basics and builds a strong foundation of fundamentals.

Once that is done, the course takes off and introduces you to the advanced concepts of AI, such as different kinds of models, algorithms, and techniques. Once the online classes for artificial intelligence end, you would work on a capstone project to test everything you learn in the course. At the end of the period, you also get career assistance and a chance to practice in mock interviews without any additional costs.

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