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Competing in the modern job market means pitting yourself against a sea of applicants. There are more than a hundred job seekers per position. It only takes recruiters a couple of seconds to select individuals for further interviews. That’s why having a resume that can get you through the ATS system has never been more important.

Most people lack the experience and expertise to write resumes on their own. They often turn to resume help services, delegating this task to a resume service who makes sure the document is ideal for the position. As a result, they get a bot-beating resume that will be a great investment in their career. 

It must be creative enough to catch the attention of recruiting firm managers. The document has to be both original and professional. You won’t achieve this goal without knowing the pros and cons of writing creative resumes. So, let’s dive in.

Pros of Creative Resumes

Creative resumes are a great choice for people working in artistic fields. Sound engineers, photographers, and clip makers can use them to highlight their skills. They are also great for web designers and software experts.

This type emphasizes their qualifications and skills better than standard resumes. They can showcase some of their talents instead of simply stating them. It is a great type for people with a short work history as well. Such creative resumes focus on skills rather than on experience in a career field.

Cons of Creative Resumes

Creative resumes are becoming popular across the job market. Despite this, companies still prefer traditional resumes. Many of them use an applicant tracking system. This software screens thousands of applications daily. They look for keywords to find out if a candidate has the qualifications for the job. If a resume is too creative, ATS bots will toss it aside.

Some companies also don’t like nontraditional resumes. They believe visuals are unnecessary for resumes. Take the time to think if a creative resume will be appropriate for the industry.

What to Do

Show Your Skills

A well-tailored resume displays the top skill set of its owner. It should also reflect the industry field you work in. Software designers can use charts to show skills with various programming languages. The main goal is sticking to what matters, especially on your resume education section. There is no point in listing skills that are unrelated to the job you apply for.

Add Keywords

Many companies use applicant tracking software to select the best applicants. ATS bots take about 6 seconds to scan resumes for particular keywords. If there aren’t any, the document will end up in the trash bin. Keywords shouldn’t look hammered in for the sake of having them in a resume. Take the time to find the right place for them in the text.

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Recruiters want all the information about your major accomplishments in the resume. These can include:

  • bringing a number of new clients;
  • improving revenue in a short period of time;
  • hiring a great professional who improved the development process.

Saying that you did something won’t cut it. Each achievement should have facts, data, and numbers backing it up. If there aren’t any, omit the fact.

You can use such stats as the audience, sales, impact, earnings, and project scope as examples. It doesn’t mean that you must list everything under the sun. Choose a couple of big ones and make sure they relate to the job you apply for.

Tell a Story

Your resume is a reflection of your professional life. Many people use this to tell facts no employer will care about. They also don’t bother to put their information in order. That doesn’t make a good impression on recruiters. The document should look like a coherent story of your work. 
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What Not to Do

Don’t Copy-Paste

Using language from the job posting increases the chances of getting hired. With that said, you don’t have to mindlessly replicate the text word for word. It’s best to spend some time researching the company website and job description. Use some of the found phrasing and terms to impress recruiters. Your text should have its own style.

Don’t Overshare

Some people can get carried away with their creativity. They can end up putting personal data that isn’t suitable for a resume. Many professionals claim that this is one of the most common mistakes made by applicants. Make sure that the resume doesn’t have confidential data. The same goes for information you aren’t allowed to share from previous work.

Don’t Turn It Into a Biography

Of course, a resume should be creative. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend more than one page per 10 years of experience. Leave only the most important things. List jobs and skills perfect for the new position. You shouldn’t state apparent things like your skill with Microsoft Office. There is also no need to list your references.

Don’t Use Many Colors and Fonts

Presentation and words are the only things that reflect your creativity. There is no reason to have a resume divided into various colors and fonts. The text should be simple, understandable, and easy to read. Unless you work as an artist or a graphic designer, recruiters will find your resume hard to understand.


Making the perfect creative resume is something that can take years to perfect. The document has to be a reflection of your personality, skills, and job experience. It also must be specific to the job you seek. The more time and effort you put into crafting them, the likelier the chance of landing a job.

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