Stop Using Custom Windows 10 Themes as Hackers Could Steal Your Passwords

Six Ways to Make Windows OS in Your Workplace More Secure

It is the common phenomenon of any Windows user to play with the computer and make changes to the user interface. This comes in the form of screensavers, wallpapers, and other fancy additions to the default windows settings.

Experts say that it could be a dangerous practice. They have a reason for it. According to the experts, if you go for third party unknown wallpapers installations then there are chances that you will lose your personal data to the hackers and theme owners.

These wallpapers might be full of harmful elements such as malware and virus which can use commands such as “pass-the-hash”.

Such commands execute on the computer and send the sensitive and users data to the remote computer of the hackers. These themes and wallpapers are designed and created by the hackers not for changing your computer interface but for leaking your data.

These full of malware themes are designed to attack your computer and steal your data without knowing you. These kinds of attacks can be avoided by taking some protective measures.

In order to keep yourself on the safe side, you should avoid software updates and installs from unknown third-party providers. If you can’t avoid such things then you must keep both your eyes open while using your computer after installing such apps. You should avoid clicking unnecessarily on dialogue and pop-ups.

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