Beneficial Influence of Cloud Services in Education

Beneficial Influence of Cloud Services in Education

A few years ago when the pandemic crashed the regular flow of things, education seemed to be the one to suffer the most, as all the participants in the learning process couldn’t handle the lack of ‘face-to-face’ collaboration. Despite such a dramatic and challenging beginning, the outcome turned out to be highly beneficial and promising due to the usage of IT technologies, which opened the world of education to all learners regardless of their background. 

Having discovered all the advantages of a digital environment, educational institutions keep extending their digital presence, implementing modern tech solutions such as cloud computing to enrich the learning process in both online and offline modes. Let’s learn how cloud computing unlocks the power of knowledge in a global society. 

What Is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing is an on-demand solution, which promotes the availability and accessibility of data through the Internet. The data is related to specific educational functions, as well as the management system.

While physical storage has been used for quite a while by the majority of educational institutions, cloud computing has a  new way of information delivery. With cloud services, offered by Gcore, there is no need to invest in new hardware, as ready-to-operate services are within Internet reach helping to build a digital structure and content for every institution. 

The Benefits of Implementing Cloud Services

1. Modernization of learning material

Considering the fast pace of our development, the books are supposed to be modified and republished once a year aiming to stay attuned to world affairs. However, such a financial load is impossible for an educational system, which forces students to use much older examples, with 10+ years of exploitation. As a result, there is an abyss between real-world matters and the information given at schools. 

With the introduction of cloud computing, there is no need for outdated course books. After the materials are added to the storage, they become available to all the students, thus, giving them access to all the latest resources and real-time updates

2. Informational affordability

Specialized literature and textbooks are rather expensive, especially at a university level, which deprives students of meaningful and comprehensive education, and thus, future career opportunities. 

The usage of cloud storage is an effective approach to overcome this barrier, as educators can provide all students with new course books. Cloud-based books and resources are significantly cheaper (sometimes even free), which enables all the students to enrich their knowledge and skillfulness.  

3. Hassle-free usage

Cloud-based solutions work as SaaS, software-as-a-service, which allows the usage of all the resources through the web browser and compatible devices, without the need to organize a physical space. When adopting cloud solutions for educational purposes, everything functions regardless of the novelty of the hardware, and there will be no need to buy new external devices for storing the information.

4. Global coverage

Having a right to education is one of the basic human rights in modern society; however, easier said than done. There are numerous obstacles and life matters that can prevent students from attending any form of class, leaving them with no chances and tools to provide for themselves in the future. 

Cloud-based applications offer a feasible alternative, as all students regardless of their background can undergo specific training, participate in projects, and organize events, which will all enrich their professional knowledge. 

5. Flexibility

Cloud-based information can be accessed through any type of device, from any point on our planet; the one and only requirement is an Internet connection. Such a flexible approach makes education comfortable and adjustable to the individual needs of students, letting them be involved in numerous activities simultaneously. Besides, there will be no gaps in knowledge, as all the learning materials used during the lectures are uploaded into the system cloud, giving the students equal chances for its usage. 

6. Data security

Internet security is a burning issue nowadays, as more and more data is uploaded into the network, with more people trying to steal and use it for their own good. Cloud-based solutions always offer two-factor authentication, which ensures the safety of data making the materials accessible only to certain people. Besides, the content is always protected from hackers, making data leakage impossible. 

7. Back-up plan

When all the materials are readily available for usage in the cloud storage, the participants are all protected against emergencies. In case of unexpected or unforeseeable events, there will be no hassle regarding the organization of the learning process, as students can easily switch to the digital mode and keep learning,  without giving up on the quality of education.

The Bottom Line

The tech-propelled world is a treasure trove of opportunities for improvement, and the education sphere is not an exception. With the introduction of cloud-based solutions, information becomes as close as a single click on a digital device. Such proximity has finally started the global era of accessible and available education for everyone who is willing to grow intellectually and professionally. 

Should you have any further questions regarding the cloud services and their functioning, it is highly recommended that you contact global cloud solutions providers, like Gcore, who will help you unlock the education potential of your institution. 

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