Chrome Canary Unveils Exciting Feature: Install Any Website as a Desktop App

Chrome Canary Unveils Exciting Feature: Install Any Website as a Desktop App

Great news for Google Chrome users! The latest update in Chrome Canary brings an exciting feature: You can install any website seamlessly as a desktop app. This means you can create shortcuts on your home screen or desktop, just like you would with traditional apps.

In the Save and Share submenu, a new option called “Install page as app…” has been added. When you click on it, Chrome Canary will generate a new app for the website, complete with its own icon and a listing in your app drawer.

To try out this feature ahead of its official release, download Chrome Canary and enable the following flags:

  1. chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-install
  2. chrome://flags/#shortcuts-not-apps

Remember, this feature is currently exclusive to Chrome Canary, the experimental version of Chrome. It’s not yet available in the stable version, and there’s no clear timeline for when or if it will be rolled out.

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