CCIE certification and its Preparation Guide

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CCIE stands for ‘Cisco Certificate Internetwork Expert.’ It is the technical certifications series for senior professionals. Professionals are the ones who build, design.

The program of CCIE is in six different tracks. These are collaboration, data center, routing and switching, security, service provider, and

wireless. It needs only 18 months to pass the CCIE certification written exam. And within three months, a candidate can reappear for the test if he fails. You can check the spoto CCIE practical exam pdf free for the preparation.


CCIE Collaboration certificate:

This is the certification designed for the engineers and architects in the form of video, voice. A candidate must have to pass a two-hour written exam. The topics which are in it are configuration, integration, and troubleshooting.

CCIE Data Center certificate:

These are for the professionals who work with planning, design, and the implementation of the data center’s infrastructure. 

CCIE routing and switching: 

This is designed for expert-level engineers. The concept of networking gets covered in the eight-hour lab of routing and switching.

CCIE Security:

The main thing is that the CCIE prepares the engineers for troubleshooting, engineer, and architect. To get this test pass, the candidate must secure a network within eight hours.

CCIE Wireless:

This mainly aims at gaining knowledge of the local networks. To get this certificate also a candidate has to pass a test of a minimum of eight hours. 


This is the essential qualification which one can obtain in the networking industry. This is the most valid certificate for the engineers who want their career as a perspective. The certification of the CCIE has practical application. This certification is a personal challenge for some engineers.

Cost of CCIE:

The cost of CCIE is $1600 for each attempt, including the practical exam. This cost does not include the travel and lodging charges. There are nine prominent locations where the lab exams are held. 

Modification in the CCIE certificates:

  • There has been an addition in the certification in 2016. Such exams are also united with the labs, which show the practical knowledge of the candidates. 
  • And further, there was also a change in the CCIE certification in April 2017. This requires the demonstrated knowledge of Cisco Digital Network Architecture tools. It is a collection of software that includes cybersecurity and analytics. 

How can one prepare for it?

There are many things that one has to consider while preparing for the CCIE certification. There are :


You must prepare yourself first before going on the path of this. It is not easy for you to pass some of the coming months. So you have to determine yourself first.

 Preparation of blueprint:

After convincing yourself, the next step is that you have to prepare yourself with the blueprints. You have to download the blueprints of the CISCO course.


The next is that you have to analyze the stand. You have to analyze the blueprint, understand your position, and make a plan for your study.

Organize the topics:

You have to organize the topics in order. You must set the issues in a manner that is achievable within a short period. 

Expert guidance:

It is much better if you take the guidance of an expert. This will help you a lot. Some of the training institutes and tutors will guide you and make you properly learn things.

Start from the basics:

You must be aware of the basics before going to the high level. You have to make your fluency with the basic concepts.


It is a must that you practice for hours. Practice is the only key to success. You have to spend more time on the practical part to achieve your aim. 

Test yourself:

After preparing for the things, the next thing is to prepare yourself. You can do this by taking a test for yourself. Analyze your weak point and start working on it. Once you overcome your weakness, then no one can defeat you in challenging yourself. 

These are some of the steps that you can follow while preparing for the CCIE certifications. You must adequately do all the things to get the results. For good results, you can go through the spoto CCIE practical exam pdf free.


These are the certificates for the engineers. Mainly these certificates help the engineers a lot. Such are classified into various categories. With the advent of time, there have been many changes in the certificates. All the certifications change with minor differences.

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