BNB Web3 Development Course to Raise 30K new Developers in Latin America


BNB has shared the news that soon, they will be launching a new course of Web3 development for the region. BNB, a blockchain network created by Binance and Platzi, is always looking to discover something new.

According to reports of Cointelegraph, this course aims to target over 30,000 students. According to the investment director of BNB, this course’s focus will be on polishing the skills and making them able to face the future.

This course will help to develop blockchain technology and web3 development. This course will allow all those who want to understand the work of crypto and blockchain.

Currently, some people have purchased coins, but they hardly know the inner mechanism of this technology. In a survey conducted by Motley Fool, around 10% of crypto owners don’t know about its work.

Due to these states, education in crypto and blockchain is a must, especially in the regions such as Latin America.

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