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Best Way to Create Online File Backup for Free in 2023


If you’ve ever been worried about losing critical files – documents, photos, or any other data, chances are you will want to keep them safe with Online Backup. Online Backup, cloud backup, or remote Backup, involves creating duplicate copies of your data and securely storing them on servers within a professional data center. Yet, selecting the ideal online backup service can often be challenging.

Prominent cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox are more widely known as sync tools but not for file backup. But, with the appropriate agency, you can also use them as backup solutions without worrying about files being deleted during the sync process. You can use Google Drive, OneDrive, and other clouds as your online backup services for essential files.

Best Free Backup Software to Create Online File Backup

CBackup is a reliable and free cloud backup service designed for Windows 11/10/8/7. This versatile tool is equipped to perform online backups for files, folders, hard drives, and even entire computers. It extends support for various cloud platforms, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., and its CBackup Cloud, offering 10GB of free space.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

  • Its Backup function can help you backup files online, keep unlimited backup versions, and restore data backups as needed.
  • It provides a range of auto backup modes, including one-time-only, daily, weekly, and monthly options, accommodating various backup needs.
  • It places no constraints on data backup types, sizes, or speeds. You can swiftly back up files of any kind and size, provided your network can handle it.
  • It adopts an OAuth authorization system that never retains login information, directing users to public cloud servers. Additionally, 256-bit AES encryption is employed for secure data transfers.
  • Apart from local Backup, it offers Cloud Backup to backup online files, like backing up Google Drive to OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, etc.

How to Backup Files Online with CBackup

Here is a comprehensive guide on creating online backups for your important files using CBackup. You can back up to public cloud services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, or back up data to CBackup Cloud.

Backup Files Online to Public Clouds

Step 1. Apply for a CBackup account. Launch the CBackup desktop application and sign in.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Step 2. To connect your public cloud account to CBackup, click Storage > choose the target cloud > tap on Authorize Now to complete the authorization process.

Tip: CBackup allows you to add multiple cloud accounts for seamless management on a single interface, eliminating the need to switch between versions.

Step 3. Navigate to the Backup tab, and click on Backup PC to Public Cloud.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Step 4. Rename the backup task to make it easily identifiable. Select files to Backup online under the Source section, and Choose the previously added cloud as the backup destination. Click Start Backup to initiate the online backup process.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Tip: You can set up auto file online backup by clicking Settings and enabling Scheduler to pick a backup mode as needed (currently available in the paid version).

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Backup Files Online to CBackup Cloud

Step 1. Run and log in to CBackup with your account.

Step 2. Under the Backup tab, select the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud option.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Step 3. Select specific files and folders to Backup. Then, tap Start Backup.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Restore Online Backup on CBackup

If you need to restore your file backups when the original data is lost or corrupted, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Under the Tasks tab of CBackup, locate the backup tasks you wish to restore.

Step 2. Tap on the three-dot button and select Restore.

Step 3. If you have multiple backup versions, open the drop-down menu of Select Version and choose the specific version you need for restoration.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online

Step 4. Expand the root directory and select the files and folders you wish to restore. Then, pick a restore location and click Start Restore.

Where Is the Best Place to Backup Files Online


To perform online file backup, CBackup is undoubtedly a powerful assistant. It helps you back up files to public cloud drives such as Google Drive and supports backing up data to CBackup Cloud. In addition, when your cloud storage space is not enough, you can use this tool to combine clouds to expand storage space for free, like getting Google Drive 100GB of free storage quickly.

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