7 Best Translation Apps For Windows

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Just when you think that good translation apps only come for mobile devices and the PC users are left behind, think again because millions of users all over the world use various online (and offline!) translation solutions that help them as they talk to friends, develop software, or make purchases or sales online. Regardless of your budget and practical needs, remember that most translator apps for Windows are offered free of charge, which adds even more benefits and makes it worth trying out! 

7 Best Translation Solutions For Win Users 

1. Windows 10s Native Translator App. 

It supports over 50 different languages and supports offline translation. The app has to be installed first to work properly. It also lets you use your webcam to point on signs or any printed papers to have it translated. This means that you can have the same benefits as mobile users. It is available free of cost and is not included in the default install for some odd reason!

2. Babylon 10 Premium PRO

It has amazing language recognition features and lets you write a letter in English to translate it into any language automatically. However, it’s only safe for general communication. Any official and legal documents require certified specialists and turning to the best translation companies online that offer human translation. Even though Babylon also comes with Grammar and Spell Checker systems, only a human translator can understand translation’s legal and stylistic aspects.

3. Translate.

Another great free offline translator for Windows. It can handle over 50 languages and helps you to avoid typos and basic grammar errors. You can save your translations in PDF format. It is a handy little app that does not take resources and is absolutely safe to use. If you want to translate things like travel documents or business agreements, consider TheWordPoint translation to ensure that everything is done correctly and meets international translation quality benchmarks.

4. DualClip Translator.

It uses the engines found in Google and Microsoft translators. It is good for website translation. You have to highlight a part of the text to have it translated right away. You can also take screen captures from the foreign shops or restaurants’ menus and translate only those bits you need. It has great customization options. It is also free to download.

5. Mate Translate

It comes as a plugin for the famous Microsoft Edge browser. What makes it special is that it supports over 103 languages. Just hover your mouse to have things translated. You do not even have to navigate away from the webpage that you view. It provides decent translating, considering the rare language pairs.

6. QTranslate.

It is available free of charge and can work offline. It is worth being mentioned that it does not have to be installed and runs from an executable, which means that it can be used anywhere. It also has one of the best user interfaces and provides you with instant translation and suggestions as you type the words that must be translated.

7. PROMT Offline Translator.

A professional offline translation tool that is used both by freelance translators and professionals alike. It supports 16 different languages, including Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. It supports MS Word, which helps to work in the already formatted file. 

Install Only What You Need 

It is easy to fall into the trap of installing too much or even having conflicting translation apps that may catch the bits of text and offer you to have them translated. In most cases, such keystroke triggers are safe, yet in certain scenarios, they can interfere with your work and the correct functioning of the other apps. It can even get dangerous if the app contains keyloggers. Choose your language assistants wisely, read online testimonials, and download apps only from verified sources. 


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