Best Online Car Insurance Companies with Policies in UAE

Best Online Car Insurance Companies use

Car insurance in Dubai and the UAE is necessary; you need it to register the car. There are many benefits to getting the best insurance for your vehicle. As in UAE, it is a must-have option, so various insurance companies in the country offer some driver and car-owner-friendly plans.

There are companies and almost all the banks that offer car insurance plans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and anywhere in the UAE. Choosing the best insurance provider is difficult, but don’t worry.

Best Car Insurance Providers in Dubai, UAE

Here in this article, we have listed some of the well-known and trustworthy vehicle insurance providers that offer the best insurance plans and policies that you can avail for your car. 

1. Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance P.S.C

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance P.S.C is a public shareholding company that operates as one of the leading car insurance provider companies in the United Arab Emirates(UAE).

They have 30 years of experience in the field and were one of the first insurance companies listed in the Dubai Financial Market. DNI offers multiple motor fleet insurance solutions that match your requirements. They provide personal and commercial vehicles such as pickups, buses, vans, trucks, etc.

It allows you to choose from comprehensive, third-party liability, or a mix of these plans. In comprehensive or full coverage, you get protection from costs involved in oen damage and third-party damage. If you go for this plan, you get up to AED 1000 emergency medical expenses. This can further be extended to include other features. 

2. Salama Takaful Insurance 

Salama Takaful Insurance is one of the leading Islamic insurance companies in UAE if you are looking for a Sharia-compliant insurance plan for your car. It was established in 1979 and is one of the proven names in the Takaful insurance industry of UAE.

Salama Takaful Insurance offers various comprehensive car insurance plans with add-ons, benefits, and offers. Salama Takaful Insurance’s critical features include Offering up to AED 3.5 million for third-party car damage cover in case of an accident or any other misfortunate car damage. It covers up to AED 5,000 in emergency medical expenses.

Like many other top insurance companies in the UAE, Salama Takaful Insurance also covers Oman alongside the UAE. In addition, Salama Takaful Insurance offers agency repairs and car rental services for a limited time. 

3. AXA Car Insurance

AXA Car Insurance offers attractive premiums and a wide range of options to choose the best coverage. They offer three insurance products, i.e., Motor Prestige, Motor Perfect, and Motor Third Party.

The car insurance plans from AXA protect you, your passengers, and your car, as well as third-party liability and personal damage coverage. They have been working in the insurance field for quite a long. 

Their key offers include the following; 

  • In-house customer service team Team that speaks almost every language used in UAE 
  • Provides real-time SMS updates during car repair 
  • They offer RTA inspection services on your behalf 
  • AXA gives you a car when your vehicle is in service 
  • If you are traveling to Oman from UAE, they also provide you with coverage for your road trips 

You get some key perks when you choose AXA’s comprehensive car insurance plan; these include; 

  • Airport pick and drop services 
  • Pick and drop for your car repair 
  • 24/7 car recovery service 
  • Registration renewal help

4. RSA Insurance 

RSA Insurance has provided services to vehicle owners in the UAE for a few decades. When we talk about the best car insurance companies in UAE, RSA Insurance is one of the top names that comes to mind.

They offer comprehensive car insurance with two categories, i.e. motor executive and motor smart. It also provides third-party liability insurance. The motor value and smart motor categories cost AED 3,500,000 as a third-party car damage cover.

For emergency medical expenses, it offers coverage of AED 6,000 in the motor exclusive category and AED 3,500 in the motor smart category. They offer emergency roadside recovery services throughout the year and 24/7. It also covers personal injury with up to AED 20,000. It covers the UAE and Oman. 

5. Tokio Marine Insurance 

Tokio Marine Insurance offers two significant plans: comprehensive car and third-party liability insurance. Comprehensive car insurance for UAE motorists has three subcategories: Tokio Must, Tokio Smart Plus, and Tokio Million Privilege.

In third-party and Tokio must insurance categories, Tokio Marine Insurance offers up to AED 2 million third-party car damage cover, Tokio Smart Plus, AED 3.5 million damage cover, and Tokio Million Privileg, up to AED 5 million car damage cover.

Features of Tokio Marine Insurance in UAE

Like many top insurance providers in Dubai and UAE, Tokio Marine Insurance offers round-the-clock emergency roadside assistance for its policyholders. For emergency medical expenses, Tokio Marine Insurance offers AED 3,000 for the Tokio Must policy, AED 4,000 for Tokio Smart Plus, and AED 10,000 for Tokio Million privilege policyholders.

Besides all these plans, it offers the best plans for personal belongings damage, agency repairs, and personal accident cover for drivers and passengers. In addition, Tokio Marine Insurance offers off-road vehicle over personal accident cover for drivers and passengers. For further details and information, visit the Tokio Marine Insurance website in UAE. 

Oman Insurance 

Oman Insurance is one of the UAE’s most trusted and reliable car insurance providers. There are more than 14 branches of Oman Insurance in the UAE and offices in Qatar and Oman.

It is not only a car insurance provider but also covers health, property, and life insurance. As the leading insurance company in UAE, this insurance company offers a range of policies, including comprehensive, third-party, and unique coverage plans in the car insurance category.

Oman Insurance is a must for electric cars, especially for Tesla owners, as its InsureMyTesla option is 100% for Tesla owners. Another feature that differentiates Oman Insurance from different insurance companies in the Gulf is its insurance category, which targets luxury vehicles only. You get plans for high-end sports and luxury cars in the High Net Worth Motor Cover. 

It offers coverage for; 

  • Third-party car damage 
  • Windscreen cover 
  • Emergency medical expenses 
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance 
  • Personal injury cover 
  • Covers UAE, Qatar and Oman 
  • Car wash benefits 
  • Rent a car benefit with insurance for free 
  • And many more… 

Other Cheap Insurance Companies for Your Car

Besides the above popular names, below are some less popular car insurance companies that provide the best policies and coverage plans for your vehicles.

  • Watania Takaful Insurance
  • QIC Insurance
  • PitStopArabia Car Insurance
  • DNIR Insurance
  • Oriental Insurance
  • Al Wathba Insurance
  • Union Insurance
  • Sukoon Insurance
  • Dubai Insurance
  • RAK Insurance
  • AFNIC Insurance
  • Aman Insurance
  • Alliance Insurance
  • AdamJee Insurance

Final Words; 

Whenever you decide to buy a new car or want to upgrade from the current one, it is essential to do thorough research. With the help of our list of top 10 insurance companies in UAE, you can quickly decide which insurance is best for you and which fulfills your needs.

The list in this post contains some of the proven names. These insurance companies are listed because of their expertise, services, and duration in the UAE’s insurance market. It is always recommended to get the best policy for your car as it is your daily life companion, and you should never compromise on your companion and your life. 

As insurance is necessary for every vehicle in UAE, you will find plenty of the best car insurance companies in UAE from where you can pick your favorite one. Due to high competition, you get the best insurance plans, special offers, and discounts from various companies.

So, it is always recommended to do thorough research because car insurance protects you and is also an investment. Find some good insurance comparison websites where you can get the best idea by comparing multiple policies on one page. 

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