Best Life Lessons Every Student Need To Learn From Steve Jobs

Best Life Lessons Every Student Need To Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is still known in the entire world, even though it has been almost 10 years since he died. And this happens because he founded Apple and transformed the company into one of the most successful in the world. Everyone has heard about Apple and its products: iPhones, Macs, Air pods, and many more. They are recognizable by everyone just because of their logo

But Apple would have not been what it is today without Steve Jobs. Who taught people worldwide a few lessons every student should be aware of. Steve Jobs was a very creative and inventive human, but also one that appreciated people around him and that soaked in as much information as he could. Some of his lessons will live on forever because they are the life advice college students are looking for. So, which are some of the best life lessons you could learn from Steve Jobs

Learn From the Ones Around You 

One of the most precious and valuable life lessons students need to learn from Steve Jobs is to learn from the ones around them. Steve learned from HP and Atari during his study years. He saw how they were doing their job, how they were seeing the customers, and so on. And then, he applied the good lessons to Apple. At the same time, he changed what HP and Atari did wrong, and this was what made Apple the company it is today. 

Anticipate What Follows 

One of the best life lessons every student needs to learn from Steve Jobs is the power of anticipation. Steve Jobs founded Apple and innovated the industry with his company because he anticipated what people would want in the future. Apple is often the first company to innovate this domain, and this is because of the mindset of Steve Jobs. Even though he is not here anymore, his principles will live on through his company. 

Value People More Than Money and Get a Free Essay Example 

Another lesson Steve Jobs left behind is to value people more than you value money. Steve Jobs is known to have earned $1 per year as the CEO of Apple because he was not there for the financial reward. He was there to create better solutions for people. 

At the same time, Steve was not a stingy CEO. He valued people and was always looking to hire creative, talented, and committed individuals that will take the company to the next level. Steve Jobs is and will remain an iconic image of the entrepreneurial and business domain. He created a company culture that competitors would envy. This is one of the topics that is usually approached in students’ essays. There are some good things Steve did and that made Apple so successful, and identifying them is essential. Students who want to found their own business or startup could learn a lot from Steve’s story. You can find online steve jobs essay topics for free and a free essay example that will help you create a compelling and powerful essay. To study and get an education in college might often seem challenging, but these life lessons from Steve Jobs will surely motivate you to pursue your academic goals. 

Overcome Obstacles

On your road to success, you will surely come across many obstacles and challenges. Some of these will surely seem insurmountable, while others are easier to overcome. Well, Steve Jobs always thought that obstacles are put in your way to overcome them. And this is exactly what you should do. Think about solutions on how to overcome this new obstacle and pursue your goals. 


Steve Jobs was an impressive and iconic human whose memory will always be present on Earth. He has founded one of the most successful companies out there, Apple. Jobs had always looked to anticipate the needs of the customers so that he would create the perfect gadget that would meet their needs. He learned from the ones around him and valued people more than he valued money. And he knew that obstacles are there to teach him a lesson and to learn how to overcome them. Steve Jobs’ life lessons come with the motivation and inspiration students need. 

Bio lines: Michael Turner is a content and essay writer. He is a big Apple and Steve Jobs fan. Michael loves the personality of Steve Jobs and says that students could learn a lot from him.

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