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If you are feeling and seems a little bit worry about the choice of the gaming laptop. Can I ask why so much worry? Oh, so here you are going to look at the Best Gaming Laptop under $500, and you can not even find the most accurate information about the gaming laptops. Why so feel too much-upset fellow, we are here to help you in regard to the best gaming laptop under $500. Cheer up with the smile on your face now.

1. ASUS Chromebook FLIP C213SA-YS02 Review 

ASUS chrome book flip C213SA-YS02 is a Chrome OS operated chrome book that has a feature that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. This feature lets you enjoy this laptop in the manner number of multiple ways laptop, tablet, tilt model and with the stand.

This chrome book comes in the small size with a screen size of 11.6 inches which is great. Also, this model has the minimum dimensions due to its sleek design. The display screen of the best gaming laptop is rugged with against the scratches. The panel is a waterproof panel which has a nice protection. The resolution is also the best one of the 1366 x 768.

2. Newest HP HD Touchscreen Premium Laptop Intel Core i5-7200U 

Moving towards our best gaming laptop under 500$. It is the newer model of the HP with many of the golden features along with the highly reactive touch screen for easy use. The display of this HP device is very accompanied by the screen display size of 15.6 inches that has a great impact on using.

That is considered as the normal standard of screen size in these days due to its wide range of usage. The resolution is another the most best common feature i.e. 1366 x 768. The aspect of ratio for the screen has a measure which is 16:9.

3. Dell Inspiron 11|Series 3000 Premium 2019 

The model of Dell 11 has the feature of a widescreen display of 15.6 inches. Not only this, it has an HD view with the resolution of the 1366 x 768 pixels. It is the most appreciated of screen resolution among the other laptop brands.

So this is obvious that the screen resolution is based upon the 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen which is a nice feature. The touch screen of Dell Inspiron allows you to enjoy the gaming experience and video playing with a professional way.

4. ACER ASPIRE E 15| Best Gaming Laptop under $500 

The display of the 15.6-inch Acer Aspire E 15 is the, unfortunately, more dim contrary to the expectation. For a budget laptop, the display is very quit sharp. It does not come within the good combination of the dim display and with the sharpness. But as overall criteria, the side effects of the display is very overcome with the all in a new feature of NVIDIA Geforce MX150 Graphics Card.

The best gaming laptop of this model has the presence of such a high bright and awesome colorful graphics card and the screen comes out of the good for the budget laptop. Even the gaming experience amuse due to the extreme high-quality sharpness of the screen display. It will reach for the maximum brightness of 227 nits which is great.


Samsung offers a touch Chrome book in the market for those who have needed to comfort and the smart-work ability on the laptops. It brings the stylishness and utility to the category of that which is clean and really eye-catching design with the gorgeous 2400 x 1600 pixels screen display.

Adding the full Android functionality and features at the launch and you may have the complete package. Although its screen is a bit smaller which is measured about 12.3 inches and as compared to the other laptops in this article, the fact is that it comes with the Intel HD Graphics which covers that is a drawback of it.

6. DELL PREMIUM Intel Core i3-7130U

The name of Dell has trust in the field of display’s screens. Premium Laptop by Dell is a versatile gaming Laptop furnish with the portion of the most advanced feature of innovation. It supports a large number of games without crashing the laptop and causing any slowing down of the laptop. Although, this laptop is the budget laptop and its performance with graphics is way better at this price than other laptops.

Dell Premium has good coordination with the Intel HD Graphics of 620. This feature allows you to enjoy the vivid screen and the vibrant screen colors, rather than watching the favorite movies or the playing of your favorite action thrilling the games on the PC.

7. ASUS VIVO BOOK F510UA Best Gaming Laptop under $500 

The ASUS Vivo book name as the F510UA which is one of the fantastic products ever produced by the ASUS company. From the display till to the performance, this model looks like a “Born for the Gaming” laptop feature init.

If you talk about the display screen, it has an ultra limit of the 0.3 inches Nano Edge Bezel. That gives about 80% of the screen to the body proportion. This helps this model to fit in the full measure of the 15.6 inches wide view of the show into the 14 inches of workstation outline with the furnished work.

8. Dell Inspiron|Intel Core i3 128GB Solid State Drive Laptop 

Dell is a name of trust in the field of monitors and screens. The Premium Dell Laptop is the incredible gaming Laptop with the furnished a part of the most recent innovation. It supports the large numbers of games without causing any kind of slowing down of the system. Although, this laptop is the budget laptop and its performance and the graphics are way better for this price rather than other laptops.

Dell Premium is very well coordinated with the Intel HD Graphics 620 inside. This feature lets you enjoy the very much vibrant and vivid screen colors, rather than watching your favorite songs and movies or playing the favorite action thrilling games on the laptop.


Now I am coming towards the details of the best gaming laptop under $500, the most amusing thing is to know that the price of the device. Being as the low budget gaming laptop, it makes even look far even and more attractive.

ASUS Chrome book is made from the Aluminium chassis. That is great in looking and also in the using. At this time it has the anodized layer instead of the brushed texture. So the display shows flawless clear and it makes the gaming experience really more fun. This is the smaller and has the smarter mechanism of the ASUS Chrome book Flip which has made it more super easy to use and just to like a notebook.

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