What are the Benefits of Using Wet Ink Signature for Business?

What are the Benefits of Using Wet Ink Signature for Business

If you are leading a business, you need to sign plenty of documents daily. However, there are some documents which are crucial to run your business. These documents need to be kept safely and securely. You need to store these documents by adopting electronic documents and E-sign. Whether your business is on a small or large scale, you need to manage your documents and keep them secure.

Although there are some instances where you need wet ink to sign the documents rather than an electronic signature, a wet signature is used to sign the document with a pen or a business stamp. This sign is done physically by the signer. It does not need any online documentation or other online software. You can sign any document simply by using the pen without any additional requirements.

CocoSign: A Wet Ink Signature service for your Business

Well, CocoSign helps you sign the document online. CocoSign is a cloud-based software that provides you numerous services. It allows your business to gain the benefit of digital documents and signatures. 

CocoSign is being used by billions of professionals to sign their documents online. Numerous online magazines have been featuring CocoSign, such as Business Influencer, Business Insider, and Forbes, etc. for its premium services.

CocoSign also permits you to use a wet ink signature to sign your documents; hence you can prepare contracts, settlements, and agreements. With the CocoSign, you would simultaneously use multiple parties, and you can also define the order in which the signatures need to be embedded.

Where can you use it?

There are various situations where you need to use a wet ink signature. For example, certain bank documents need to be hand-signed with wet ink. However, you would also find some countries that still prefer a wet ink signature. Yet it relies upon the company which is agreed on wet ink or E-signatures on their documentations.

However, CocoSign also provides you document templates which you can get quickly. It offers you some business documents in different categories. For instance, you can get construction documents, employment documents, and other serviceable documents. These templates are customizable and editable. You can edit the documents and fill the information you need to give.

Benefits of Using Wet Ink Signature for Business

  • Wet signatures are also still in trend in some countries, which do not prefer digital signatures. Although wet ink signatures have been declined, there are some events where wet signatures are used. For instance, if you apply for a bank loan, you must sign the document with a pen physically. Because it is a matter of money, and you need to be involved physically while receiving the cash.
  • Moreover, some physiological benefits are using a wet ink signature. You can instantly close a deal that could not be achieved by doing remotely. Signatures are a powerful part of the documentation, especially in businesses. However, the physical documents are challenging to manage in a single room. You can acquire some document templates using CocoSign. These templates are customizable and can be modified in a specific size and style.
  • Once you adopt the digital documents from CocoSign, it would become easy to order and find the documents. It usually happens to the signed documents. For instance, you sign the documents and keep it anywhere; later, it is difficult to find the document when you need it.
  • Another benefit of using a wet ink signature is that you do not need to wait to take a printout of the document. If you are holding a document, you can instantly sign the document. Only you need a pen, no need for a device, no internet connection. After signing the document, you can promptly convey the signed document.
  • Wet ink signatures are more trustworthy in cases of money, such as bank documentations. The reason behind this is the physical involvement and presence in signing a document. Your handwritten sign makes the document more authentic and reliable.

Use CocoSign to sign the document

CocoSign’s wet ink signature and E-signature is tremendously easy to use and takes less than a while. You are free to sign the document and review the process. 


CocoSign is proficient in their work. With CocoSign, you can significantly save time and money. Besides, you can set up the meeting or physically post the documents that need to be signed. CocoSign makes your signing documents more efficient.


There is the legal validity of using a wet ink signature through CocoSign. The wet ink and e-signature are valid all over the world. Any document with a wet ink signature is lawfully impossible in court, just like a traditional wet signature.


If you are comfortable using the traditional signature, then a wet signature is ideal for you. It provides you with the comfort and satisfaction that your document has been signed correctly. Additionally, wet signatures are faster in case of signing a bundle of documents. You can print out the documents, sign them, and upload them using CocoSign.

Using CocoSign wet signature, you would be provided with these benefits while combining them with the documents’ security and safety.

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