Be Safer with Your Identity when You Take Part in Various Offers with a Virtual Number

Cybersecurity Made Simple With Password Managers

Online advertising agencies, marketers want to find all your personal information. When you surf the internet, you leave small pieces of information about you on various websites — be it social media or other web services.

Promo offers and risks involved

The thing is, you should protect your data. Protection features are built-in both in your browser and the operating systems of your devices. Popular apps and websites like Instagram or WhatsApp have advanced privacy-related settings. As a rule, these settings are hidden since online services gather your personal data to show you the ads of their advertisers and make money on you. So, you’d better find those safety settings and enable them to keep you protected.

How can the virtual world help you?

Oftentimes, con men use specific content to tempt gullible people. Online users may drop off guard and be tempted by particular offers. Just one click on a malicious link could expose your personal details or install viruses on your device. So, be wary so as not to get yourself into trouble.

Secure connection

Keep control when you go online in a public place. So-called endpoints are the thing online security experts often warn against using. So, try to get your device as secure as possible. If any doubts arise, don’t connect to public wifi, for instance, when you are asked to provide specific data such as bank account number, phone number, etc.

Safe download

Making you download malware is the wettest dream of any cybercriminal. And such installs might contain viruses and other malware. It could be disguised as an innocuous app like a weather forecast or a game. So, avoid downloading suspicious apps that can come from dubious sites.

Use complex passwords

This is one of the most significant weak points of online security as a whole. Most people still choose some generic passwords like “123” and the like, which online criminals may easily guess. That’s why you’d better use stronger passwords. Use multiple digits, letters, and special characters alongside them.

Don’t register on websites via a personal phone number

When you sign up for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you need to provide your unique phone number. However, you don’t really have to do it when you’ve got temporary fake numbers online.


If you need another profile on any given social, register on the OnlineSIM website and select the social media in question. Then you’ll see your online virtual number. Use it as if it were a real one.

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