Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.0.2 Following Release of iOS 16.0.3

apple stops signing ios 16-0-2
apple stops signing ios 16-0-2

Following the release of iOS 16.0.3 last week, Apple has ceased signing iOS 16.0.2, which means that an iPhone may no longer be downgraded to iOS 16.0.2. The only iOS 16 versions that are still being signed are iOS 16.0.3 and the iOS 16.1 beta.

To stop consumers from downgrading to an outdated software version, Apple frequently removes signing older iOS versions over time.

On September 22, iOS 16.0.2 was published, which featured various bug fixes and security patches. The update fixed a few issues that were affecting iPhone 14 Pro models, such as the back camera trembling when shooting with select third-party apps and the display becoming entirely black during device setup. iOS 16.0.2 also addressed an issue that caused certain users to get excessive copy-and-paste permission requests.

This is not the first time Apple has given people the choice to remain on an earlier version of iOS. When iOS 15 was released last year, consumers had the option of remaining on iOS 14 while Apple continued to release security updates for it. However, a few months later, the firm eliminated this option. It is unknown how long iOS 15.7 will be accessible as an alternative to iOS 16.

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