Apple Self Service Repair is Now Available in 24 European Countries

Apple Self Service Repair is Now Available in 24 European Countries

Apple expands its Self-Service Repair program to iPhone 15 models and the new M2-powered Mac models. The further expansion means it will cover MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro.

Apple’s Self-Service Repair was launched in 2022 and allows Apple users to repair their own devices using Apple’s original products, such as parts, repair manuals, and tools.

The latest updates show that the new Apple Self-Service is available in 24 additional European countries. These include Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Denmark.

With the recent announcement, Apple’s Self-Repair is now available for 35 products in more than 30 countries.

The Apple Self-Service Repair feature allows Apple product owners to test their phones for performance and functionality and check which part needs repair.

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