Apple security flaw may allow hackers full control of devices, the company warns

apple security flaw hackers
apple security flaw hackers

Apple has issued updates to address critical iOS and macOS security flaws.

Apple has disclosed a significant security flaw in its most popular smartphones and laptops, and it is pushing consumers to upgrade their gadgets.

It has warned on Wednesday that major security flaws discovered in iOS and macOS devices may give prospective hackers total control of a user’s device.

Both issues exist in WebKit, Apple’s browser engine that powers Safari and applications.

Apple’s disclosures are brief and do not go into depth about how and where the vulnerabilities operate or where they came from, instead naming an anonymous researcher as the source of both issues.

According to Fortune, it has not been confirmed how many people have been impacted, but it is “aware of a report that this flaw may have been aggressively exploited.”

According to NPR, security experts are warning that the vulnerability affects practically all iPhone devices and Mac computers running macOS Monterey.

The good news is that Apple has already published fixes to address the problems.



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