Apple Places More Orders With a Taiwanese Supplier to Lessen its Reliance on China


Apple and numerous other businesses rely heavily on China to manufacture their goods, but this has recently become problematic due to the Asian nation’s implementation of lockdowns and other political restrictions that have an impact on these businesses’ ability to produce their goods.

Apple is now diversifying its suppliers and will increase orders from a Taiwanese company in an effort to lessen its reliance on China. At the moment, AOET is the main source of lenses for the Mac. The analyst speculates that AOET “could follow in the footsteps of Sunny Optical,” which initially supplied components for the iPad before receiving orders for components for the iPhone.

The real news, however, in this situation, in Kou’s opinion, is how Apple intends to use AOET, a Taiwanese business, to carry out its long-term strategy of reducing reliance on Chinese suppliers.

According to numerous reports from December, Apple is considering making the iPad for the first time in India, where it already makes the iPhone. This has caused numerous factories nationwide to close their doors for protracted periods of time, which has affected the availability of their products to businesses like Apple.


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