Another Original iPhone is Going up for Auction, and this is What we Anticipate it to Fetch

iPhone is going up for Auction
iPhone is going up for Auction

According to Karen Green, who spoke to Insider, she received the iPhone as a gift in 2007 but never used it. She was inspired to sell it after seeing a similar sale take place last October. In comparison to the device’s $599 list price, a sealed original iPhone sold for a record-breaking $39,340 in October.

This one could sell for “at least $50,000,” according to the auction house where Green has listed her original iPhone. Green revealed in an interview with Insider that she received this iPhone as a gift in 2007, despite the fact that she had Verizon service at the time and the original iPhone could only be used with AT&T.

Green decided not to sell it at the time and kept it in its original sealed box, “wrapped in a pair of felt pajamas for extra storage.” “The only reason why I am selling that phone is because I need to support this business,” she says of her decision to sell the iPhone in order to raise money for her brand-new tattoo studio.

Although the starting bid is $2,500, it’s expected to sell for at least $50,000 in the end. Given the steadily rising prices of sales on eBay and through auction houses, we’re assuming it’s a low number.

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