Apple Launching eight-month Project to improve Apple Maps Data in the UK

Apple Launching eight-month Project to improve Apple Maps Data in the UK

Apple is gearing up to initiate a comprehensive eight-month project in the UK to bolster its Maps service. This endeavor will utilize cars and walkers equipped with backpacks to cover various regions across the country. The company disclosed these plans to iMore on Tuesday.

Starting February 21, UK residents will see Apple vehicles driving around the country for the next eight months gathering information as part of the company’s ongoing rebuild of Apple Maps, the company confirmed to iMore on Tuesday. Apple’s vehicles will gather information through October 17, and from May 20 through September 11, you’ll also see people wearing Apple backpacks walking the streets of Birmingham, London, and Manchester.

Apple has upgraded its Maps app in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, and other places by using advanced LIDAR equipment and images to gather data. Now, they’re launching a project in the UK to make Maps even better. Their cars and walkers with backpacks will collect data to improve navigation, add more details, and provide accurate place information. You can find more details about Apple’s data collection plans for Maps on their website.

Apple is conducting ground surveys with vehicles around the world to collect data to improve Apple Maps and to support the Look Around feature. Vehicle surveys may use equipment mounted on the outside of vehicles as well as iPhones, iPads, or other devices inside of vehicles,”

In 2020, Apple introduced its own mapping data for the United Kingdom and Ireland. This update included enhanced cartography, precise building shapes, improved navigation, and ‘Look Around’ views similar to Google Street View in certain cities.

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