Apple is Working on a 7-8″ Foldable for 2026-2027

Apple is Working on a 7-8" Foldable for 2026-2027

Tech giant Apple is said to be delving into the realm of foldable devices, considering the development of a 7-inch to 8-inch model that may potentially supersede the existing iPad Mini, reports Korean publication The Elec.

Sources suggest a targeted launch period for this innovative device falling within the timeframe of 2026 to 2027.

Concurrently, reports indicate Apple’s imminent introduction of OLED screens to the iPad Pro lineup this year, while an OLED-equipped iPad Mini is anticipated to follow suit in the upcoming year.

Looking ahead, it is speculated that around 2028, Apple could unveil a groundbreaking 20.25-inch foldable device, potentially bearing the iconic iPad or Mac branding.

Notably, the 20.25-inch size pertains to the internal folding screen, hinting at a significant leap in display innovation.

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