Apple Says Vision Pro isn’t Compatible With Bluetooth Mice

Apple Says Vision Pro isn’t Compatible With Bluetooth Mice

In a recent update, Apple released a support document providing insights into Vision Pro’s Bluetooth accessory compatibility. Notably, the company clarified that the Apple Vision Pro does not support Bluetooth mice.

Apple Vision Pro isn’t compatible with older models of Apple keyboards and trackpads that use removable batteries. Apple Vision Pro also isn’t compatible with Bluetooth mice.

As per Apple’s support document, the company shared a list of confirmed compatible accessories for a seamless experience. 

The Vision Pro seamlessly connects with all AirPods and Beats headphone models. Most Bluetooth keyboards from Apple and other manufacturers are compatible.

All Made for iPhone Bluetooth controllers, including those from Xbox and PlayStation, can connect to the Vision Pro. It also supports Made for iPhone hearing devices, including models from Phonak, IQBud, and Poco.

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