Apple will reportedly start using in-house displays for its watches by 2024

apple in house screen 2024 watch
apple in house screen 2024 watch

According to Bloomberg, Apple will begin replacing the panels on its mobile devices with its own screen technology as early as next year.

The tech behemoth will apparently begin with its most expensive Apple Watches in late 2024, replacing the gadgets` current OLED panels with its own micro-LED technology. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s in-house display technology will also be used in other gadgets, including the iPhone.

These same problems kept the firm from integrating bigger displays in its plans, prompting it to focus on making the Watch the first gadget with its own screen.

Despite the delay and likely future delays — Apple may delay the display’s debut until 2025, according to Bloomberg sources — the technology remains one of the company’s most important initiatives. The tech behemoth is said to have spent billions of dollars on its development and is already testing the new screen on an upgrade to the Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s transition to its own screens may be a significant blow to its suppliers, primarily Samsung and LG.

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