Future Products Could Feature Both xrOS and RealityOS as Part of Apple’s Mixed Reality Ambitions


We’ve heard a lot of rumours about Apple’s rumoured 2023 release of its mixed reality headset. That includes the device’s operating system, realityOS, which runs on it. However, according to recent reports, the platform may actually go by the name “xrOS.” The name “realityOS” sounds like a great fit for these products because the company has trademarks for “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor,” among others.

A news report stated last week that Apple had decided on the platform name “xrOS” for its new headset. Sources for 9to5Mac claim that Apple has been internally referring to something associated with its new mixed reality products as “xrOS.”

It appears that the business, though, has two distinct AR/VR platforms, one based on iOS and the other on macOS. However, from what we’ve heard, the company’s engineers have been referring to the iOS-based platform as “realityOS,” and the macOS-based platform as “xrOS.” With this in mind, one of these platforms may very well be the one that functions independently of another Apple device while the other does not.

Even a new companion device created specifically to operate Apple’s headset could theoretically run xrOS. Information about Apple’s mixed reality headset

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