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Learning English, regardless of what other language you speak, can greatly benefit you for several cultural, social, and financial reasons. You’ll be able to actively engage in new conversations and relationships that you would otherwise not have access to while you expand your connections and circle of influence through language competency. Lessons from English tutors online can help get you started.

Learning a second, third, or fourth language comes with challenges. Depending on which language is your mother tongue—be it Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or German—there are different difficulties that English lessons will present depending on how you learn the new world of terms, rules, and expressions.

The basic course of study will demand that you set goals, find a way to learn, and then use that course of study to engage in learning effectively to get the best, quickest, and most satisfying outcome for your investment in learning. Before making a recommendation, let’s see some of your options in English lessons with online lessons. 

Your Options for Getting English Lessons Online

Regarding online options, there are just two camps: Self-paced courses of study like Rosetta-like apps that promise to let you learn at your own pace without a pesky teacher; and those that give you access to an attentive private tutor who has expertise in teaching English. 

Rosetta-Like Apps

Even when apps seem to charge reasonable subscription fees for their services, they offer very little in return for what you can get for free on the internet with a little research. 

The apps do little more than give you a dictionary, piece by piece, when you compare them to the live instruction that an online tutor or teacher can bring you (even if they come with a charming online avatar to encourage you with games along the way)!

Attentive English Tutors

With remote tutoring, you aren’t limited to local talent in your area or the sky-high rates they can charge for the demand they command. Instead, you get all the attention you want at the times and pace you want because the selection of tutors is nearly endless—drawing on a pool of tutors from around the world when you choose a platform like Eurekly

This is a flexible option for most, not to mention fast. The tutors they use are vetted, talented, and interviewed to be helpful enough to be known to help students progress quickly through their studies despite listing prices as low as $10 per hour session. 

The passion they bring to the table is one that an automated app can’t compete with, nor do they follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Automated apps use a “universal” approach to push students through learning tracks, keeping them on a subscription plan for longer and longer periods. Instead, the goal of private tutors is to see you advance beyond the need for instruction.

But that doesn’t mean they neglect the advancements that technology can help enhance education through virtual classrooms, as research into technology and teaching suggests is highly effective. 

What Can You Learn from Virtual Classrooms with Private Tutors?

It has been shown through research and literature study over the past 30 years that when you combine technology and tutoring, you see massive boosts in student confidence and competency. These are key indicators of success with students learning new skills.

Platforms like Eurekly that use virtual classrooms benefit students by using fully powered virtual classroom technology. This advances education alongside the private nature of their professional tutoring. By using the platform with private tutors, students get an experience that mimics the best parts of the classroom without the pitfalls of sharing a traditional classroom with dozens of other students.

Using cutting-edge online learning technology, students not only get personalized attention but lower the overall cost of their education and can take advantage of the support of apps. These advantages include:

  • Recording of themselves repeating phrases
  • Sharing files for assignments and translations
  • Taking notes inside and outside the classroom
  • Screensharing while in session with the tutor
  • Receiving assignments from private tutors

If you want to learn English as a foreign language, you can easily and cheaply get English lessons from a private English tutor using Eurekly. Explore the platform and see the expert tutors there to help you advance your English skills beyond the need for tutoring today!

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