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IBM AI Chief: Tech Jobs Won’t Require a Computer Science Degree in Future

IBM Chief: Tech Jobs Won't Require a Computer Science Degree in Future

According to Matthew Candy, IBM AI chief, you will not need a computer science degree soon to work in the tech industry. Artificial Intelligence will allow everyone to create a product without writing complex code. He told Fortune in a recent interview.

Artificial intelligence will accelerate the ideas, testing, and happening things; hence, he further told Fortune that you don’t need to complete a degree in CS.

Matthew Candy said that individuals should focus on soft skills such as communication, creativity, and innovation instead of working on complex and technical skills.

These soft skills will be more valuable than technical skills shortly. He further explained that creativity skills and innovative thoughts will keep you on top in the age of AI.

Matthew Candy said that AI would affect not only the computer science industry but also the image processing of AI, which will change jobs in the arts and other industries.

For example, to work as a designer, you don’t need to have a degree of the same, but with the help of AI technology, you can do the best of designing.

The latest predictions about AI are somehow scary for job holders, as a report by Vired shows that 82% of professionals are worried about their jobs with the advancement of AI.

IBM is trying to stop new job openings as AI can handle critical jobs. According to IBM officials, around 30% of company back office work is replaced by AI.

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