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5 Android Apps that Help You Eat Healthily and Lose Weight

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Repeat after me:

“I am on a diet, so I won’t eat the chocolate cake.” 

“I am on a diet, so I won’t eat the chocolate cake.”

Chant it three times, and I am sure you will be craving for the chocolate cake more than ever.  In fact, anything out of chocolate would work. 

These days, there is this new trend of hypnotizing yourself by repeating something you do not want to do. Call it a tactic to dull your will to pursue something. Whatever it is, I feel it brings little impact. At least in the case of diet control. Or, when you are trying to supply healthy food to your body.

We need something more convincing to change our habits.

Although there is a lot of advice out there on how to eat healthy, acting on them is not as simple. You need to follow the plans religiously, which is again, a tough deed. But let me tell you something, you can have a 24/7 monitor to watch what you eat. 

We are all aware of how technology is tapping into all sectors of human life. It is not a surprise that we have digital means to keep a check on our diet that compel us to eat healthily. 

Why is it needed, you ask? 

Well, according to the most recent Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey in the US, adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in nine states, 30% in 31 states, and 25% in 48 states.  Hence, there is a growing need to develop healthy eating habits. 

In this roundup, we will scan the best Android diet and nutrition tracking apps that will help you stay on a healthy eating regimen. So, let’s get down to them:


Michelle K. Berman, R.D., of Fairfax, Virginia, says, “the front is all advertising.” Turn it around to know the real story. And Fooducate helps you to do that. When you flip around the product, you often find a list of ingredients. Through Fooducation, you can identify the good and the bad stuff. It is a decent nutrition app with more than 250,000 foods to compare. 

It also has features to track your food intake and physical activities. Plus, there is a food recommendation system and a community to interact with. As of August 2019, Fooducate has 95.5K fans on Facebook. On Twitter, there are 27.1K people following the app. 

Some features of this app are free to use, but you need to pay a certain amount if you want to use advanced features of the application.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

FatSecret brings a simple food diary at your fingertips. You can track as well as plan your food schedule in advance.  It also enables you to keep a check on the calories burnt. There is a diet calendar, weight tracker, a reference guide, and a barcode scanner to analyze the nutrition value of foods that you consume.  There are recipe ideas and a community to help you make informed diet decisions.

Various studies have proved that many of us eat more than we think we do. FatSecret Calorie Counter gives you a rough overview of your diet consumption. Since 2007, this app has been in the market, and in 2016, the Company claimed to have 45 million users across the world. The number of users kept on increasing ever since.

This app is completely free to use. Also, there is Facebook and Google plugin to help you communicate and share your experiences. Make sure you take all the required security measures before you start sharing your personal information on other apps.

Lose It!

Lose It! is a leading consumer program company based in Boston. It helps you to lose weight through a pleasant experience. Just input some information about yourself to this app, and it will craft a personalized diet plan for you. It integrates a daily budget calculation and some goals to aim for. Along with these, there is a food database, a barcode scanner, and the ability to connect with hardware like Jawbone and Fitbit.

There is also an image recognition feature in the app that identifies the food you are eating automatically. The food structure is then broken down to give you a detailed insight into the components of that food. You can also connect the app with other apps such as Google Fit and RunKeeper for more data.

A piece of advice here: check out the reviews and feedback of every app you plan to install on your device. Because even one corrupt app can ruin your entire device. For instance, you want to install an app by AirG, you must study the customer feedback and AirG app reviews. An informed decision saves you the trouble later.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate is a user-friendly application that aims to help the user reduce weight and improve their health. Developed by, this app enables you to find out the nutritional value of the food that you are consuming. If you keep eating like there is no tomorrow, the odds are that you will wind up stuffed without realizing what you are giving to your body.

This app helps you become more mindful of your diet. You can browse a comprehensive food database with more than 2 million items. You can also personalize daily calorie goals and design a healthy meal plan for yourself. Once again, there is a barcode scanner that enables you to scrutinize all components of the food and its impact on your body.


I am 90% positive that you will find this app on all diet app lists. Currently, it has a staggering ten million download score. And it has a 4.6 rating in the Play Store.  It has an enormous food database that covers more than five million foods. Experts recommend that you should fully sync up with their website so you can count calories cross-platform.

It also has a recipe calculator and a fitness tracker with 350 exercises. These cover strength and cardio training, both. So whether you want to cut down the bad habits, build your muscular strength, or hold yourself back from junk, MyFitnessPal makes it all quite easy.

Let’s do it!

It’s about time we sort our priorities. Healthy living is far more integral than fun living. Initially, changing your habits may seem like a grind, but over time, you will witness miracles happen. That’s when you will feel happier, satisfied, and ready to face the struggles head-on.

How do you plan on adopting a healthy eating lifestyle? Please do share it with us.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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