Zuckerberg: Quest 3 is the ‘Better Product, Period’ After Trying Apple Vision Pro

Zuckerberg statement on Apple Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has recently caused a stir in the tech community by announcing his preference for the Meta Quest 3 over Apple’s Vision Pro headset. He made this statement in a video that he shared on his Instagram account, where he tested out both devices. After trying out the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg has confidently stated that the Quest 3 is the superior product, period, in his opinion.

“I don’t just think that Quest is the better value. I think Quest is the better product, period,” he said. “Different companies made different design decisions for the headsets; they have different strengths. But overall, Quest is better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for.”

Mark Zuckerberg claims that the Quest 3 is not only considerably cheaper than the Vision Pro – it is seven times less expensive – but it also outperforms its rival in terms of overall quality. He believes that, for most mixed reality applications, the Quest 3 is the best option, offering an excellent user experience.

Additionally, Zuckerberg highlighted that the Quest offers a crisper visual experience in comparison to the Vision Pro, which has reportedly faced issues with motion blur. While both devices support hand tracking, Zuckerberg hinted that the Quest could potentially have a slight advantage in its implementation.

Moreover, the CEO commended the eye-tracking capabilities of the Vision Pro as “really nice,” indicating Meta’s intention to reintegrate similar technology into future iterations of the Quest.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg asserted that the Quest provides unique entertainment options, such as playing Xbox games and watching YouTube on a virtual big screen. Although there isn’t an official YouTube app for the Vision Pro, developer Christian Selig has developed a workaround with the Juno app, enabling users to technically access YouTube content on Apple devices.

As a concluding statement, Zuckerberg jokingly pokes fun at Apple fans while reaffirming Meta’s dedication to openness in XR, drawing parallels between Meta’s approach and Microsoft’s open model versus Apple’s closed model.

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