What to Do For SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

What to Do For SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

So, I recently ran into a problem with my iPhone 7. Basically, I made the decision that I was completely through with my service provider. The prices are skyrocketing. And quite frankly, the service sucks anyways. I have a GSM phone and I was making the switch from T-Mobile to AT&T. I truly thought that all I would need to do is switch the SIM cards since they both run on the same network bands.

Well, think again. As soon as I put in the new SIM, I see a message on my screen. It states, “SIM not provisioned MM#2. It’s true that this message can appear for many reasons. This is when I could clearly see that I must figure out which reason it might be. However, I did not realize it is because I need to unlock iPhone 7.

In this post, I will let you know the reasons that you can possibly receive this actual error. Plus, I will let you know exactly how to fix this when all else fails. So, by the end of this, you will definitely have the knowledge to understand what this error really means for your iPhone 7. You just might need to unlock iPhone 7 like me.

Why Am I Receiving an MM#2 Error?

There are many reasons that people wish to unlock their smartphones. This can be because they wish to switch providers or even that they travel abroad frequently. I really thought that as long as you were on a GSM network, or even a CDMA network, that you could just switch SIM cards accordingly.

However, that is just simply not the case. And for that matter, it appears that the MM#2 message is quite common. What’s more, there are a few different reasons this may happen. So that means that your issue might be different from mine.

The Reasons Why You Receive This Error

It’s certainly true that every smartphone out there requires a SIM card. That’s why it’s important to realize that if you get the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 message, you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls or text. What’s interesting to me is that you will see service bars, but won’t have a lick of service.

That said, there are definitely a few reasons that your iPhone 7 is not recognizing the SIM card. However, in every case, you will find that you can fix this problem all by yourself. Even though you may need a little bit of help to accomplish it.

Some of the reasons you see an MM#2 Error:

  • You purchase a new iPhone with a new SIM card.
  • You transfer contact numbers to a new SIM card.
  • The network server of the provider may be unavailable at the moment. (In this case, you just wait for a little while.)

So, most of the time the solution to this problem is really simple. You can just turn your iPhone 7 off and back on again. However, if it is a problem with the network server, then automatic activation will happen within 24 hours.

How to Attempt to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

So, let’s say that you try the recommendations above and they fail. If that happens, then there are a few steps that you can use in order to try and fix this problem.

  1. First, turn off your iPhone 7.
  2. Then, you will find your SIM tray on the right side of the device.
  3. You will use a SIM tool into the small hole. This will eject the SIM tray.
  4. Finally, you will remove this SIM card from the tray and immediately put it back in. Be sure to properly insert the SIM. You will see a small sign beside the SIM card slot. This will ensure that figure out which side is the right side to insert it in.

However, if your journey is anything like mine, then this won’t work. Chances are you need to unlock iPhone 7. This is because your provider put a lock on your SIM card.

What is a Lock on My SIM Card?

So, when it comes to a SIM lock, network lock, or carrier lock, it is a restriction that is built into a GSM and CDMA smartphone. It is put there by the manufacturer of the phone. They do this because the actual service provider makes a request that they lock the use of the phone to specific networks and sometimes even countries. 

I realize that this is what’s happening to my iPhone 7. This is when I made the decision that I must unlock iPhone 7. But, here is the dilemma, I don’t know how on Earth I’m going to do it. So, after many phone calls to T-Mobile, I manage to see that they really don’t want to help me with this issue.

All they truly want is for me to stay in business with them. And, that my friends, is definitely not going to happen. Furthermore, I don’t feel that there is any reason that I should need to purchase a new phone just because I switch carriers. I bought this phone. It’s mine to do with as I choose. I just know that there is a way around this.

How Do I Unlock iPhone 7?

If you wish to unlock your iPhone, you must know a few things. The things that you must know are the IMEI/MEID number, whether or not it is GSM or CDMA, and of course, your iCloud account password. After you gather all of this info, you will be ready to proceed. 

So, the next step is going to be finding a third-party unlocking service. They will actually provide you with the unlock code at a very reasonable price. You will just fill out the form after you verify that they provide a money-back guarantee. Then, you just sit, back and relax while you wait for the company to send you an email.

This email will contain instructions to unlock your device. It’s a super easy process. I went with a company that doesn’t require personal info. Plus, you won’t have to install any crazy software. This is because it is not a necessity of the unlocking process.

That’s why I say you should get like me and get your Apple iPhone 7 unlocked at They were quick and very efficient at getting the right code for my phone. I’m finally on the AT&T network and I owe it all to

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